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author RocketCert Staff
date 10.12.2021

Idaho is planning to make strategic investments in new development, construction, and infrastructure. Because of this, licensed contractors and electricians in Idaho are enjoying an expanded job market.

Many Idaho residents are taking advantage of these opportunities. Obtaining a contracting or electrical license can increase your economic prospects.

Fortunately, RocketCert provides all of the necessary resources for obtaining or renewing an Idaho electrical license. We offer flexible online training and industry-leading exam prep. 

In the following post, we will examine some of the important categories of Idaho electrical licenses. We will also discuss the steps that are necessary to become certified.

Types of Idaho Electrical Licensing

Many people think that there is only one type of electrical license in Idaho. This is a misconception. There are three primary categories of electrical licensing in the state.

Each level of licensing features different application requirements. The kind of license required will depend on the type of work you are hoping to do. 

Journeyperson Electrical License

This category of electrical licensing is issued by the state of Idaho. It qualifies a person to perform or supervise various types of electrical work. 

Journeyperson electricians can install, extend, improve, or alter various electrical systems. Those with this certification must work under a licensed electrical contractor.

To be eligible for a journeyperson electrical license in Idaho, you must:

  • Complete four years of electrical apprenticeship schooling
  • Provide documentation of four years (or 8,000 hours) of work experience
  • Pass the Idaho electrical exam

Not all applicants attend apprenticeship school, however. Instead, applicants can show evidence of eight years (or 16,000) hours of work experience.

Master Electrical License

To qualify for a master electrical license, applicants must meet the required experience quota. 

Master electrician applicants must show evidence of performing the physical work of a journey-level electrician for at least four years. All their journey-level work must have been under the direction of a certified electrical contractor.

Beyond work experience, applicants must achieve a passing score on the Idaho electrical exam. 

There are certain contingencies for those who are licensed master electricians in other states. For instance, those who have been certified in Wyoming for at least one year may simply submit a copy of their electrical master’s license.

Electrical Contractor

An electrical contractor offers and provides electrical contracting services. To submit a bid on an electrical job or development, an electrical contractor license is necessary.

Electrical contractors must be certified as, or employ, a master electrician. To qualify for an electrical contractor’s license, applicants must:

  • Employ or be an Idaho master electrician
  • Be the person who is licensed
  • Achieve a passing score on the Idaho electrical contractor exam

Electricalcontractor’s licenses can be held by individuals or business entities.

Renewing an Idaho Electrical License

No matter which Idaho electrical certification you hold, you must occasionally renew your license. 

Under Idaho state law, electrical licenses expire after three years. To renew an Idaho electrical license, you must:

Finding reliable continuing education resources is crucial. 

Obtaining and Renewing Your License with RocketCert

If you want to get or renew an electrical license in Idaho, RocketCert can help! We provide reliable training resources and continuing education classes for licensing in Idaho.

Our flexible online courses will fully prepare you for the Idaho electrical exam. For those who need to renew their certifications, we offer industry-leading continuing education. 

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