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author RocketCert Staff
date 10.22.2021

The state of Ohio is expecting a surge in hiring and job growth. To prepare for this surge, many Ohio-based companies are constructing new facilities, while others are expanding their current holdings.

Across the state, major corporations are collectively aiming to hire thousands of employees. The Ohio government has worked to incentivize companies to hire within the state through job creation tax credits. 

Many Ohio residents are aiming to make the most of these economic opportunities. Licensed contractors in Ohio will likely see increased job prospects in the coming months and years.

If you are hoping to take advantage of the growing job market in Ohio, RocketCert can help. We provide everything you need to train for a contractor’s license. After all, those who are certified can secure a wide range of jobs and projects in the Buckeye state.

Development Projects

Through job creation tax credits, the Ohio government has drawn the attention of many global corporations. 

In fact, major companies are collectively investing more than $606 million into the state economy. These investments are expected to result in over 3,000 new jobs. 

Currently, there are nine investment projects that span eight Ohio counties. These projects will result in about $189 million in taxable income. 

The largest of these projects is an investment by Peloton, a fitness company. Peloton is beginning construction on its first factory in the late summer of 2021. This construction project will result in 2,000 jobs close to the city of Toledo.

Another major investment is coming from Matsu, an automotive supplier. They have committed to an investment of over $4,000,000. This investment is expected to result in 104 jobs at their plant in Northwest Ohio.

Bath and Body Works is planning the construction of a large distribution center in central Ohio. This distribution facility will provide 500 new positions in the Columbus area. 

As a result of this economic boom, Ohio has seen the second-highest number of new business projects nationwide. Per capita, Ohio leads the nation.

These are only a few of the new corporate projects resulting from the job creation tax incentives. In the next year, many jobs will become available for licensed Ohio contractors. 

This is especially true due to the large construction projects that companies are currently planning.

Rising Incomes, Decreased Taxes 

New developments are not the only recent changes in Ohio’s economy. The average income in the state has been growing in recent years. In fact, the decline of certain industries has been offset by growth in others.

The job creation tax incentives discussed above have encouraged this growth. The average real personal income has increased by 25% in the state over the past decade.

Some lawmakers in Ohio believe that lowering taxes will help job growth to continue. Recently, the Ohio State Senate released their budget proposal. This budget included a 5% tax cut for those who were making more than $22,151 annually.

Critics argue that the proposed tax cuts will further concentrate capital among Ohio’s wealthy and elite citizens. Those in support of the cuts claim that they will benefit small and medium-sized businesses.

Regardless of the long-term impact of the proposed tax cuts, many new jobs are coming to the state. Currently, Ohioans’ incomes are increasing and their taxes are dropping.

Obtain an Ohio Contractor’s License

Many individuals in Ohio are planning to take advantage of the growing economy. Due to the planned construction, there are many opportunities for licensed contractors.

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