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author RocketCert Staff
date 10.07.2021

In Wisconsin, there are certain laws and statutes that designate which projects need a building permit. Who needs a building permit? What are the requirements for contractors hoping to pull a building permit?

Many property owners, contractors, and companies have questions like these. If you have been wondering about these frequently asked questions, read on.

Licensed contractors in Wisconsin have an increasing number of job opportunities. Most construction and contract work require certain permits, applications, and inspections. 

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In the following article, we will discuss how to get a building permit in Wisconsin. This process requires certain licenses and applications, which we’ll explore in depth.

Which Contractors Are Qualified to Pull Building Permits?

Under Wisconsin state law, only certain contractors can request building permits. Any contractor that will provide labor on a project that requires a permit must have the following credentials:

Dwelling Contractor Certification (DC)

DC certified contractors can apply for a building permit in the state of Wisconsin.

Applicants must own or be a partner in a contracting business. This certification must be renewed annually to remain valid. 

Contractors can get this certification online. Applicants must submit a form and $65 in various fees. 

Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification (DCQ)

The Department of Safety and Professional Services issues the DCQ certification. This qualification requires the applicant to complete a course in dwelling construction. They must fulfill the course requirement within one year before they apply.

The DCQ must be renewed every two years. To renew a DCQ, the applicant must complete 12 credit hours of continuing education.

The Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services issues DC and DCQ certifications.

The local Wisconsin municipality will record the contractor’s information when they apply for the permit. This helps to ensure that their credentials are up to date.

These requirements apply to all contractors and subcontractors on jobs requiring building permits.

What Information is Required for a Building Permit?

To obtain a building permit, certain information is required. As we noted above, applicants must have a dwelling contractor certification and qualifier. 

Local municipalities need a wide range of information about proposed building projects. The following pieces of information are required for the Building Permit Request application:

  • Jurisdiction
  • Project and permit type
  • Submitter’s information
  • Property owner
  • Contractor’s information
  • Project location
  • Project specifications
  • Electronic signature

This information helps municipalities to determine the status of a proposed building project.

What is the Building Permit Application Process?

The application form for a Wisconsin building permit is available online. The state maintains an online building permit system for applicants.

Once you have completed the building permit application, the form will go to the relevant municipality. The municipality in which you applied should provide you with an email to confirm that they received the application.

Applicants will receive a notification email after the approval of the permit, as well. Sometimes, contractors submit an application form and do not receive a confirmation email. If this happens, you can contact the municipality's Clerk and Building Inspector office.

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