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author RocketCert Staff
date 09.01.2023

A roof is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of any structure. Installing and repairing a roof is a complex process that requires a thorough understanding of how different types of roofing systems and materials work. 

For this reason, the state of Illinois requires all roofing contractors to be licensed. Learn how to obtain a roofing license in Illinois as you consider this in-demand career.

Types of Contractor Licenses and Illinois Requirements for Obtaining Each

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation issues two different types of roofing contractor licenses, each with its own distinct purpose:

  • Limited Roofing License: Available to contractors who limit their services to residential roofing properties consisting of eight units or less
  • Unlimited Roofing License: Available to contractors with businesses that work on residential, commercial, and industrial properties

The licensure requirements for each type of contractor are nearly the same. They include the following steps:

  • Submit a qualifying party application for the person designated to act on behalf of a business or sole proprietor
  • Obtain a $10,000 surety bond
  • Obtain $250,000 property damage insurance and $500,000 personal injury or bodily harm insurance
  • Show proof of workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance (if the qualifying party has employees working for the business)

Either type of contractor will need to pass the Illinois roofing contractor exams in order to receive their license.

What the Illinois Roofing Contractor Qualifying Party Exam Entails

Illinois roofing contractor applicants must pass two exams. The first is the Illinois Statutes and Rules Exam. The second is the trade exam. If you’re pursuing licensure as a roofer, you have three exam options:

  • Residential Examination: 75 questions
  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Examination: 125 questions
  • Commercial and Industrial Examination: 75 questions

If you intend to apply for an Unlimited Roofing License, the Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Exam is best.

The Residential Exam is for those pursuing a Limited Roofing License. If you later decide to pursue an Unlimited Roofing License, you must then take and pass the Commercial and Industrial Exam one year or more after you obtain your Limited Roofing License.

Each of these three exams covers topics like:

  • Safety and employee protection
  • Roofing preparation and materials
  • Steep-slope roofing systems
  • Low-slope roofing systems
  • Rules, regulations, and business practices
  • Nonresidential roofing systems (commercial and industrial exams only)

All exams are closed-book and require a passing score of 70%.

Start Preparing for Your Future Today

Preparing in advance for your Illinois roofing contractor exam makes it more likely that you will pass on your first try. RocketCert has the test prep materials you need to accomplish that goal.

We offer instant-access online exam prep with an education support team to help you navigate calculations, study guides, practice quizzes, and full test simulations. Additionally, we offer bundled and individual reference materials to help you make the most of your study sessions.

Contact our team to discover how you can get the help you need as you pursue your goal of becoming a licensed roofing contractor in Illinois.