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author RocketCert Staff
date 11.07.2022

Plumbers in the U.S. are required to obtain a professional plumbing license from the state in which they work. While plumbers in Kansas also adhere to this norm, the state itself does not issue plumbing licenses.

Instead, plumbers are required to obtain their license from their local city, county, or jurisdiction. As you might guess, issuing licenses at a local level means that there are different licensing requirements for different areas.

As such, we’ve seen fit to include information from many major jurisdictions, such as Shawnee County, Sedgwick County, Douglas County, and Johnson County, to give you at least an idea of what you’ll be required to do to get your license.

Types of Kansas Plumbing Licenses

There are two types of professional licenses for plumbers in Kansas: the Master Plumber License and the Journeyman Plumber License.

The Master Plumber License

This license is for professionals who work as plumbing contractors. With a master license, this individual is able to lawfully install and design plumbing systems. They can also supervise other plumbers, either other masters or journeymen. In order to hold a master plumber license, you must first pass the state’s master plumber exam.

The Journeyman Plumber License

A professional who holds this type of license labors in the plumbing trade as an employee of a plumbing contractor. They may work with other journeyman plumbers or master plumbers, though they can’t supervise others. To hold a journeyman plumbing license, you must pass the journeyman examination set by the state.

Requirements for a Kansas Plumbing License

As you can see, passing the appropriate professional exams is an important part of becoming a licensed professional in the state of Kansas. Regardless of locality, candidates are usually required to pass one of two tests:

  • The ICC (KGF) Standard Master Plumber with Gas Exam 
  • The ICC (KGR) Standard Journeyman Plumber with Gas Exam.

Some counties allow applicants to hold a bachelor’s of science degree in lieu of taking this test, but not all counties or jurisdictions do. The degree must be in engineering, construction management, architecture, or construction science from an ABET- or ACCE-accredited program.

In addition, you must fill out and return the appropriate application for your area and pay all applicable fees at that time. You’ll also need to present a photo ID and proof of insurance, although different jurisdictions specify different insurance types and coverage amounts.

You might also be expected to provide proof of a certain number of years of experience in the trade. Similarly, if you’re applying as a professional firm or corporate identity, you must provide proof that the firm or entity is in good standing.

Kansas Plumbing License Test Prep With RocketCert

Various counties have numerous additional requirements, but the big one is the state examination. This must be your priority — if you don’t pass this test (and don’t have a bachelor’s degree in place of the test), the other requirements won’t matter. 

Sign up with RocketCert today and make sure you’re prepared for your plumbing license test in Kansas. We offer the best exam prep materials anywhere online, complete with a “No Pass, No Pay” policy and unmatched customer service.