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author RocketCert Staff
date 11.04.2022

While many other states issue professional licenses to electricians on a state level, Kansas does not. Instead , aspiring electricians are expected to get their licenses from the city, county, or jurisdiction in which they plan on working. This also means that there’s no statewide standard for licensure — what one county requires, another may not. 

For this reason, we’ve provided information on the requirements of several major areas, including Sedgwick County, Douglas County, Johnson County, and Shawnee County. Contact your local jurisdiction ahead of time to make sure you know exactly what you’re required to do to obtain your Kansas electrical license.

Requirements for Getting a Kansas Electrical License

Whether you’re seeking your journeyman, master, or residential electrician license in Kansas, you must be clear about the type of credentials you’ll need to do the work you want to do.

Master Electrical License

This type of license is for contractors who install and/or design electrical systems. They will have passed the master electrician examination for the state, and may therefore be qualified to supervise others.

There are numerous other requirements for a master electrical license in Kansas, many of which are quite specific, so make sure you check with your local licensing agency for more details.

Journeyman Electrical License

If you hold a journeyman license, you work in the trade as an employee under the supervision of a master electrical contractor. You must pass the journeyman test to hold this type of license.

Residential Electrical License

An electrician may hold this type of license when they have passed the exam for residential electricians approved by the Code Official and begun working as an employee of a master electrician.

Residential electricians are legally able to work on electrical systems in one- and two-family dwellings. They can also work as apprentices on other types of projects.

What You Need to Get Your KS Electrician License

In every county or jurisdiction, you must fill out and return a completed license application, along with any required fees. You’ll also need to provide a photo ID and proof of insurance. The exact type of insurance and amount of coverage vary from one area to another.

Additionally, in almost every county, you must pass the appropriate professional licensure exam for Kansas with a score of at least 75%. These exams are the appropriate Kansas Standard (Master, Journeyman, or Residential) Electrician Exams. 

You’ll be required to have a certain number of years of experience to receive your license. However, if you don’t pass your state exam, your licensure will be delayed until you do, no matter how many other requirements you’ve met.

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