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author RocketCert Staff
date 07.11.2022

There are two types of licenses that electrical administrators in Alaska can hold: residential wiring and unlimited commercial wiring licenses. Each has its own requirements, so professionals need to make sure they understand the differences between them and the requirements for each one.

Residential Wiring Electrical Administrator License in Alaska

The residential license holder is legally permitted to perform a wide variety of electrical work in dwellings that are deemed as residential properties. However, these dwellings cannot be larger than a four-plex and cannot exceed three stories in height. There is the exception, however, of three-phase services and wiring.

Unlimited Commercial Wiring Electrical Administrator License

Holders of this administrator license can perform the maintenance, repair, installation, construction, and operation of any and all electrical work. This work must be subject to the National Electrical Code and applies to buildings and properties that begin at the secondary side of a transformer or street light. They can also perform work on public thoroughfares, right-of-ways, and traffic signals.

In addition, professionals with this unlimited license can perform work that starts right after the first point of attachment of underground or aerial conductors to structures, even if the cables or wires provide power for buildings within property lines.

However, it’s important to note that this particular license does not permit some types of work. This is mainly linework that consists of towers and poles, including cables, wires, and any other apparatus involved with them.

In addition, this license does not include outdoor substations or any other work that is currently defined under the category set forth by the Board.

Requirements for the Alaska Wiring Electrical Administrator License

In order to obtain the residential wiring license, professionals must provide proof that is satisfactory to the department showing that the applicant has ample practical experience.

This experience must be as a journeyman residential wireman for a minimum of two years of the four that immediately precede the date when the application is turned in. Finally, professionals must pass the Residential Wiring Exam.

There are also some legal obligations that must be met in order for a professional to obtain a residential wiring license in Alaska. Applicants must designate a qualifying party and be registered with Alaska’s Secretary of State. Applicants are also required to furnish a current financial statement and provide proof of general liability insurance.

Preparing for the Alaska Electrical Administrator License Examination

In order to apply for licensure in the state of Alaska, you will need to contact the Alaska Licensing Board for Electrical Administrators by calling 334-272-5030. If you are interested in renewing your license, no continuing education is required.

Alaska shares reciprocity agreements with four states:

  • Tennessee
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Arkansas

The Residential Wiring Administrator Exam has 75 questions, and you must answer 70% of them correctly to pass. The Unlimited Commercial Wiring Administrator Exam has 100 questions, 70% of which must be answered correctly.

It’s crucial that you adequately prepare for the examination to receive your Alaska electrical administrator license. Failure to do so can delay your professional track. Sign up with RocketCert today and enjoy lifetime access to professionally written exam prep materials.