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author RocketCert Staff
date 04.29.2022

In the state of Kentucky, you must have an electrician’s license to bid for electric projects or contract electrical work . 

Kentucky Electrician’s Licenses must be continually renewed. This renewal can be completed annually or once every three years. You can even complete the electrical continuing education online.

There are several types of electrician’s licenses in Kentucky. These different certifications award different abilities and levels of qualification.

If you hope to obtain a Kentucky Electrician’s License, preparation is key. RocketCert offers comprehensive electrical licensing exam preparation and training for applicants in Kentucky.

High-quality exam preparation is crucial for success. Below, we will discuss the types of Kentucky electrician’s licenses that exist. We will also detail the requirements to become certified.

What Are the Levels of Certification for Kentucky Electricians?

There is not a single uniform certification for all Kentucky electricians. Some electricians boast more extensive or specialized knowledge. 

There are various levels of electrical certification in the state of Kentucky. Each type of license carries unique requirements that applicants must meet.

The three primary types of electrical certification in Kentucky are:

Journeyman Electrician

Individuals, firms, and corporations can hold the journey level of electrical licensing. Those who are at the journeyman level can install, repair, or maintain the following components and systems:

  • Wiring
  • Conduits
  • Apparatuses
  • Devices
  • Fixtures
  • Other appliances

Journeyman electricians can work on a variety of electrical systems. These include systems used for heat, light, fire warnings, power, and security. A journeyman electrician can have one apprentice under their supervision.

Master Electrician

A master electrician boasts more extensive knowledge of the electrical trade. They are responsible for all the work that is completed by those under their supervision.

According to state law, each contractor or company must retain a master electrician.

Electrical Contractor

In the state of Kentucky, only an electrical contractor can secure public contracts. 

Additionally, only licensed electrical contractors may request electrical permits. Every electrical contractor must retain at least one master electrician at all times.

Meeting the Requirements for a Kentucky Electrician’s License

In Kentucky, there are specific requirements for those seeking an electrician’s license.


The primary criteria for securing a Kentucky electrician’s license is work experience. 

Applicants must show proof of five years as a tradesperson. This entails doing related jobs under a certified contractor and performing acceptable work.

Alternatively, an applicant can prove that they have been working for three years as a registered engineer in the state. These three years must be in the electrical trade within the construction industry. 

Other Requirements

Those who are applying for a Kentucky Electrician’s License must also meet other requirements. These include:

  • Providing proof of a minimum of $500,000 in insurance coverage
  • Completion of state and federal background checks
  • Passing the electrical and business law exams

One of the most important elements of pursuing a Kentucky electrician’s license is training. Finding reliable and effective exam preparation is crucial for passing on the first attempt.

For those who already have a license, continuing education and licensing renewal are key. 

Steps to Obtain a Kentucky Electrician’s License

The Kentucky Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction issues all electrical licenses in Kentucky. You can contact this department at 502-573-0365 or through the Kentucky state website. 

Licensed electricians must complete continuing education throughout their career. These continuing education requirements must be met prior to licensing renewal.

If you want a Kentucky electrician’s license, partnering with RocketCert can help! We provide aspiring electricians with flexible online training and reliable exam preparation. 

All our products come with a No Pass, No Pay guarantee. We will beat the pricing of any competitor. To start your Kentucky electrical licensing training, reach out to RocketCert today!