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author RocketCert Staff
date 01.11.2022

Before you can contract electrical work in the state of Kentucky, you must be licensed. But filing for a Kentucky electrical license can be a complicated process.

Those who are without the requisite experience may find the terminology or requirements to be confusing. This is completely normal. Because of this, it is important to find reliable electrical licensing training. 

RocketCert offers a wide range of online resources for electrical license applicants. We provide everything you need to prepare your application for a Kentucky electrical license.

In the following article, we will discuss some of the most important elements of applying for an electrical license. 

Types of Electrical Licensing in Kentucky 

Before you are eligible to apply for a Kentucky electrical license, you need to meet certain qualifications. 

There are three types of electrical licensing in Kentucky. Each kind of license entails different requirements. 

Journeyman License

Those who are certified at the journeyman level can install, repair, and maintain various types of electrical components and systems, including:

  • Wiring
  • Conduits
  • Devices
  • Fixtures

Journeyman electricians may oversee the work of one electrical apprentice at a time.

Master Electrician

Master electricians are held responsible for the electrical work completed under their management. All electrical contractors must retain at least one master electrician.

Electrical Contractor

This type of certification can be held by individuals or businesses. 

Only electrical contractors can bid on electrical jobs for the public. You must hold this level of certification to request an electrical permit. 

Requirements for Application

There are several requirements for electrical license applicants in the state of Kentucky. One of the main requirements is work experience.

Work Experience

When you’re applying for an electrical license, you must provide proof that you have worked for five years as a tradesperson under a licensed electrical contractor. 

Evidence for this type of work usually takes the form of one permit for each of the last five years. Permits should reflect the electrical contractor overseeing each project, as well as the dates and nature of the work.

Alternatively, you can provide proof of being a registered engineer with three years of experience in doing electrical work in the construction industry.

Additional Requirements

Aside from work experience, applicants must also:

There are different exams for each type of Kentucky electrical license that you can pursue. Each exam requires a grade of 70% or better for the applicant to pass.

Possible Points of Confusion

Applying for an Electrician’s License can be confusing. It is important to know where to find the application and how to complete it.

The Kentucky electrical license application forms can be found online. The Kentucky Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction is the entity that issues electrical licenses. 

The forms are available on their website under “Licensing Forms.” The Electrician License Application (EL-3) and the Electrical Contractor’s License Application (EL-2) are downloadable in PDF format.

Some of the terms on the applications may also be confusing. For instance, the Electrical Contractor’s License application asks for “Associated ME” name and license number. 

This refers to the master electrician who is associated with the applicant. In some cases, these will be the same person that is filling out the application. In other instances, a corporate entity may be applying for contractor status and have an ME on staff.

The application also requires the Federal ID Number for the associated company. A Federal ID Number is a tax identification number assigned to companies by the IRS. 

Train for Your Kentucky Electrical License

If you hope to obtain a Kentucky contractor’s license or electrical license in Kentucky, RocketCert can help! We provide top-quality exam prep and continuing education courses. All our products are supported by our No Pass, No Pay guarantee. Reach out to RocketCert today to get started on a new career path!