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author RocketCert Staff
date 01.10.2022

If you are hoping to get your electrical license in Washington state, RocketCert can help. Our online training provides everything you need to obtain an electric license.

Certification is necessary for most electrical work in the state of Washington. Whether you are an advanced hobbyist or an aspiring professional, an electrical license is advantageous. Below, we will address common questions people have about getting an electric license.

What Are the Types of Electrical Licenses?

Most people are unaware of the types of work that require an electrical license. Specific regulations in the state of Washington decide this issue. 

In Washington, there are three primary types of electrical licensure. Each electrical license permits the holder to undertake different kinds of work.

The electrical license categories are the following: 

Journeyman Electrician

Journeyman electricians can legally install and maintain electrical components used for:

  • Heat 
  • Light 
  • Power

Journeyman electricians can also maintain the following types of systems and circuits:

  • Remote control
  • Signaling
  • Power limited
  • Communication

For a journey-level license, you need 8,000 hours of experience as an electrical trainee. 

You must also complete 96 hours of course training. Finally, you need to pass the journeyman electrician exam. 

Master Electrician

Individuals licensed at the master level can engage in installations, as well. But master electricians are also permitted to act in an administrative role. 

For instance, master electricians can sometimes check a contractor's work for regulatory compliance.

To become a master electrician, you must have four years of experience at the journey level. You must also pass the master electrician exam. 

Electrical Administrator

Electrical contractors and companies are required to have an electrical administrator. An individual with this license oversees the quality of a company’s electrical work.

Electrical administrators need a high level of competency and specialized knowledge. Because of this, the license requires more from applicants. These requirements include:

  • Complete application for an electrical contractor
  • File change of assignment form designating administrator or master electrician
  • Obtain surety bond to Washington state
  • Pass the electrical administrator exam

An electrical administrator guarantees that electrical work meets the legally required standards. There are both general administrators and specialty administrators. 

Those with a specialty administrator license must be assigned to contractors that operate in their field of expertise.

What Are the Steps to Obtain an Electrical License? 

If you are hoping to obtain an electrical license, you will need to reach out to the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. This department facilitates all electrical licenses in the state.

The process of obtaining a given electrical license involves the following four steps: 

Experience Affidavits

Washington state requires applicants to provide evidence of work experience and classroom hours. Applicants must submit documents known as “affidavits of experience.” 

Applications and Fees

After you have submitted affidavits, you must complete a license application. Some application fees are also required. Applications should be submitted to the Department of Labor & Industries.

Exam Preparation

It is crucial to prepare when planning for a licensing exam thoroughly. 

Beyond studying all the relevant content, it is essential to use practical exam prep tools. RocketCert has everything you need to pass licensing exams on the first attempt.

Apply for the License

Once you pass the exam, you just need to apply for the relevant electrical license.

If you plan to obtain your Washington Electrical contractor’s license or electrical license, reach out to RocketCert. We provide top-quality exam prep and online training to help you succeed. 

All our products are backed by a No Pass, No Pay Guarantee. To get your Washington electrical license, contact RocketCert and begin your training today.