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author RocketCert Staff
date 03.12.2024

The Utah Department of Commerce Division of Professional Licensing is responsible for issuing and renewing licenses for professionals in the skilled trades, including plumbing. On November 30th of even years, licenses expire. You’ll need to renew before then or risk disrupting your ability to legally practice. 

What is required to renew a plumbing license, and how do you go about keeping your license current?

Types of Plumbing Licenses

In the state of Utah, you can obtain several different plumbing licenses. If you’re just starting in the plumbing field, you’ll need an apprentice plumber license. To obtain this license, you need only submit a Verification of Supervision form signed by your employer.

While holding this license, you can work to obtain the experience and/or education necessary to qualify for the next level of licensure. You can work toward either a residential journeyman plumber license, which permits you to take residential jobs, or a journeyman plumber license, which allows for work in commercial and industrial settings.

From there, you’ll have to complete additional hours of experience in a journeyman position and/or educational requirements to qualify for a master plumber or residential master plumber license. At the journeyman and master levels, you’re also required to pass state exams to prove your knowledge and skill before you can obtain your preferred license.

How to Renew a Plumbing License in Utah

All plumbing professionals who hold a license, including apprentice, journeyman, and master levels, must participate in a periodic renewal process to keep their license current. If your license expires, you will face additional fees for reinstatement. Further, you won’t be legally permitted to practice until your license is reinstated.

The Division of Professional Licensing should send you a notification 60 days before your license expires, giving you time to complete the required continuing education (CE) and submit proof for renewal. No testing is needed, but you are required to complete 12 hours of continuing education.

You must find courses approved by the Division of Professional Licensing, consisting of eight hours of core education and four hours related to core or other professional subjects. 

An eight-hour core course might focus on topics like IPC and IMC code changes and OSHA Focus Four, while a four-hour professional course could cover accounting, project management, employee management, and so on. Or you could simply take a 12-hour course that has everything you need.

Continuing Education That Serves Your Needs

Continuing education programs for working professionals should offer self-paced learning with 24/7 online access. You’ll also want to look for programs designed by industry experts and educators, ensuring that you not only complete the CE required to renew your license but also gain valuable knowledge needed to provide the best service to customers. 

Finally, the right program will provide an instant certificate of completion for your records and offer daily state notification for your peace of mind.

Are you looking for a state-approved continuing education program to renew your plumbing license in Utah? Contact RocketCert now to get started.