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author RocketCert Staff
date 03.08.2024

Electrical systems are an important component in the function of any home or business. This means that a career in the electrical field comes with job stability for skilled and experienced professionals. Electrical work not only pays well but also offers opportunities for advancement, including a pathway to starting your own business.

To legally operate as an electrician in Utah, you are required to obtain a license from the Utah Department of Commerce Division of Professional Licensing. There are several electrical licenses available, but if you’re interested in working in the commercial and industrial sectors, you’ll need a journeyman electrician or master electrician license

How do you obtain one?

Journeyman Electrician

As a journeyman electrician, you’ll be permitted to perform activities related to wiring, installing, and repairing electrical systems. In terms of requirements to obtain this license, you have a couple of options to consider.

You could complete four years of electrical apprenticeship training (576 classroom hours) along with 8,000 hours of hands-on experience under the supervision of a licensed journeyman or master electrician. Or you could opt for 16,000 hours of supervised work experience.

In addition to training and experience requirements, you’ll have to pass the journeyman electrician code, theory, and practical exams, all of which are open book. The code exam consists of 80 questions covering topics such as:

  • Definitions and general requirements
  • Raceways and enclosures
  • Services, feeders, and branch circuits
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Conductors and cables
  • Grounding and bonding
  • Lighting and general use equipment
  • Communications systems
  • Pools, photovoltaic, and wind
  • State laws and rules

You will have 180 minutes to complete this test, and you must answer at least 60 questions correctly to pass. 

The theory exam features 50 questions on topics like:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Resistance
  • Power
  • Voltage drop

You will have 115 minutes to complete this exam, and you must answer a minimum of 38 questions correctly to pass. 

The practical exam features six questions/tasks in the following categories:

  • Torque setting
  • Transformer termination
  • Conduit bending (candidates will bend two pieces of conduit using three- and four-point bends)
  • Motor control (use of ladder diagram)
  • Four-way and three-way switch wiring
  • Schematic reading and wiring

This exam is administered on a pass/fail system that includes all components, and you will have 60 minutes to complete it.

Master Electrician

Master electricians are permitted to perform the same tasks as journeymen and may also perform activities like planning, layout, and supervision of electrical system wiring, installation, and repairs. 

The master electrician exam also includes a code, theory, and practical exam, all of which cover the same topics as the journeyman exam. These tests are timed and scored the same, except for the master electrician theory exam, which you will have only 100 minutes to complete.

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