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author RocketCert Staff
date 08.11.2022

The Colorado State Electrical Board is the entity that regulates and manages professional electrical licenses. If you’re interested in obtaining a license , whether it be residential, journeyman, or master, it’s vital that you understand what is required of you to prevent critical delays in the licensing process.

With a Colorado electrical license, you will legally be permitted to repair, wire for, and install electrical apparatus and equipment that provides heat, power, electric light, and more. 

The residential electrician can install and wire equipment for dwellings, but only those that are designed for up to four families. 

Professionals who hold a master electrical license are able to plan, design, and supervise the repair and installation of equipment for electrical light, power, and heat.

A journeyman electrician is permitted to wire for, repair, and install electrical equipment and apparatus for heat, light, and power.

Be Familiar with the Requirements for Obtaining an Electrical License in Colorado

Depending on the specific type of license you are seeking, you will be required to fulfill different obligations.

The Residential Electrician License

To become a licensed residential electrician in Colorado, you will need to provide proof of 4,000 hours of residential (and only residential) experience. This experience must have been completed in no less than two years. In addition, you must pass the electrical exam, for which you need pre-approval from the state to take.

The Journeyman Electrician License

Requirements for this license are significantly more involved than those for the residential electrician license. You must:

  • Provide proof of 8,000 hours of experience that has been earned in no less than four years
  • Have 4,000 of those hours in industrial or commercial work
  • Have completed 288 hours of classroom education
  • Pass the Journeyman Electrical Exam, for which pre-approval is required

Your 288 hours of classroom instruction must be documented with an official transcript or a statement that is similar to a transcript.

The Master Electrician License

The master electrician license is the most advanced and in-depth professional electrical license of the three. If you would like to obtain a master electrician license, you must:

  • Be a graduate electrical engineer of an accredited university or college
  • Have 2,000 hours of construction experience earned in no less than one year
  • Pass the Master Electrical Exam (pre-approval is required)

Alternatively, you must:

  • Be a graduate of a community college or electrical trade school
  • Have 8,000 hours of experience earned in no less than four years
  • Pass the Master Electrical Exam (pre-approval is required)

However, another option exists. To comply with the requirements, you must:

  • Have 2,000 hours of experience earned over no less than one year
  • Meet all of the Journeyman requirements
  • Pass the Master Electrical Exam (pre-approval is required)

For this option, some hours must be in layout and planning, and some hours must be in a supervisory position while in possession of a journeyman electrical license.

As you can see, preparing for the appropriate electrical exam is critical to avoid delays in obtaining your electrical license in Colorado. Make sure that you are prepared to the best of your ability by signing up with RocketCert today!