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author RocketCert Staff
date 12.01.2021

In the state of Washington, many types of electrical work require that a contractor be certified. Whenever you need a licensed electrician for a particular job, an electrical permit will often be necessary.

According to recent research, over 18,000 home fires occur due to electrical wiring issues annually. These fires result in over 100 deaths and more than 500 injuries. Home fires also cause more than $450 million in damage to property each year.

Complying with all state codes, inspection, and permit requirements is crucial. Because of the inherent risks, safe electrical work is very important.

At RocketCert, we provide exam prep and flexible online classes for individuals looking to obtain a Washington electrical license. We have everything you need to train for your Washington electrician’s license. Keep in mind, the state requires each license holder to complete continuing education every three years. Licenses will not be renewed without completion of state approved continuing education courses.

In this post, we will discuss how to file for an electrical permit in Washington.

The Purpose of Permits 

Obtaining a permit helps to ensure that your planned electrical work is safe. Permits also keep projects in compliance with relevant codes and regulations. 

These regulations can include factors related to:

  • The building or structure
  • Construction codes
  • Zoning regulations

A permit must be held by an electrical contractor or the property owner before the work begins. If you want to do extensive electrical work on your home, you will need a Washington electrical license.

Under Washington state law, all new electrical projects require a permit and professional inspection. 

Obtaining the Correct Electrical Permit

If you are planning to do an electrical project, it is vital to obtain the right type of permit. In most cases, the permit process involves contacting the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. 

When a homeowner or property owner plans to do the electrical work themselves, they must purchase a permit. If a professional electrician is performing the job, the relevant electrical contractor must obtain the permit. 

Beyond having the right person secure the electrical permit, jurisdiction is an important issue. In Washington, you must get an electrical inspection and permit from the appropriate governing body.

If the electrical work is being performed in a city that issues its own permits, you should contact the city directly. Some other jobs fall under the jurisdiction of Tacoma Power. For those projects, you should request a permit and inspection directly from Tacoma Power.

For all other Washington electrical work, permits and inspections are issued by the State Department of Labor and Industries. 

There are three methods by which you can purchase an electrical permit in Washington: 


When you’re planning electrical work, you can purchase a permit online immediately. To do so, you will need to apply through the Department of Labor and Industries’ Electronic Permit/Inspection System (EPIS).

You can pay the associated fees with a credit or debit card. A printer is required to print out your permit.

In Person

By visiting your local L&I office, you can apply for a permit in person. In the office, you will fill out the Property Owner Electrical Work Permit Application. 

You can pay the associated fees in person with a check, money order, or credit/debit card.

By Mail

Permits can also be obtained by mailing an Electrical Work Permit form to your local L&I office. When you’re applying by mail, a check or money order is required to cover the application fees. 

Inspection and permit fees will vary based on the scope of the electrical work being done.

Obtain a Washington Contractor’s License

To do significant electrical work safely, train for a Washington contractor’s license. When you partner with RocketCert, you will have all the tools you need! We are also a state approved provider for Washington electrical continuing education.

We provide flexible online courses and exam preparation resources. All our resources and courses come with our No Pass, No Pay guarantee

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