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author RocketCert Staff
date 03.25.2021

Georgia has one of the most active construction industries in the nation. There is no shortage of opportunities to get involved and work on major projects. However, taking advantage of these opportunities will require the proper licensing.

While there are several different contracting licenses offered by the state, the most versatile is a general contractor’s license.

You Need Proven Experience

Georgia requires proven experience before you can obtain your contractor’s license. This requirement is very common, as many states have similar mandates. However, Georgia is unique in that they provide you with several avenues to fulfill this stipulation.

The most basic means of doing so is to obtain four years of work experience related to construction. As part of that experience, you have to show proof that you have supervised at least one project within five years of applying. There are no minimal hourly requirements that go with this experience, but full-time work is generally required.

The alternative is to obtain a bachelor’s degree in one of several approved fields. Georgia considers architecture and engineering to be approved degree fields. Any other four-year degree in a field related to construction is acceptable, as well.

This does not completely exempt you from the on-the-job experience, though. You will still need at least one year of work experience. You also have to meet the supervisory requirement described above.

You Need Insurance Before You Can Apply

Practically every state requires licensed contractors to be bonded and insured. However, most of them allow contractors to start their insurance policies after becoming licensed. Georgia does things a little differently.

When you apply to take the contractor’s exam, you have to submit a valid liability insurance card with your application. You have to carry a minimum of $500,000 in per event coverage to even sit for the exam. If you do not have coverage, your application will be rejected.  

You Have to Take Two Separate Exams

Another unique requirement for Georgia contractors is that the state requires two separate exams. A few other states have similar requirements, while others roll all of the pertinent material into one exam. The two exams that you have to pass are the Georgia Business Law exam and a general contractor’s exam.

At first, the thought of taking two tests may be a little frustrating. However, this actually works to your advantage. You can focus on preparing for a single test at a time.

This makes it easier to narrow your studies and retain information. Both exams are done in open-book format, which should also help you to obtain the needed score.

You Can Perform Unlimited Types of Work

Once you obtain your general contractor’s license, you can perform virtually any type of work. You can work on residential, commercial, or industrial projects. You can also supervise other contractors and laborers to complete large projects. However, there are some financial limits as to the projects you can take on.

In addition, Georgia requires you to subcontract with specialists for certain types of work. This includes electrical, plumbing, and HVAC projects. You can still act as the supervising contractor, but a licensed subcontractor must perform the work.

You Can Prepare Online

As mentioned above, Georgia has two separate exams. While the exams must be taken in person, you can do all of your prep online. Virtual prep has come a long way in recent years. The best prep courses contain self-paced modules and all the materials you need to pass your exams.

When it comes to online test prep, no one does it better than RocketCert. We provide comprehensive testing bundles that include the books that you can use during your exam.

Our bundle includes highlighting guides and tabs so that you can rapidly access information during your exam. The best part is that we offer a “No Pass, No Pay” promise with all testing bundles!