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author RocketCert Staff
date 06.09.2021

Recently, Governor Brad Little signed a set of bills designed to invest in Idaho’s state economy. These bills are known as the “Building Idaho’s Future” bills. They designate state investment in Idaho’s education and workforce, among other areas. 

The following bills are part of Governor Little’s investment plan:

  • House Bill 356
  • House Bill 338
  • House Bill 318
  • Senate Bill 1154
  • Senate Bill 1214

Governor Little prided himself on delivering these legislative investments. He also claimed to have passed one of the most conservative Idaho budgets in recent years. 

The investments described in these pieces of legislation will grow certain sectors of Idaho’s job market. The “Building Idaho’s Future” bills are expected to increase contracting work in Idaho, which will create many economic opportunities for licensed contractors. 

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What Does the “Building Idaho’s Future” Plan Do?

The “Building Idaho’s Future” plan lays out investments for many different statewide sectors. These include:

Transportation Investments

These pieces of legislation direct $80 million worth of continuing investment into Idaho’s transportation systems. The state will be able to bond for up to $1.6 billion. 

This money can be used to fund statewide infrastructure projects. These investments are designed to avoid tax and fee increases for citizens. 


Internet connectivity is crucial in today’s economic landscape. This is especially true for rural areas. The “Building Idaho’s Future” plan includes $45 million toward broadband investments. 

These investments will be targeted toward underserved communities. Broadband access helps to improve economic growth, commerce, and educational opportunities.

Economic Development

The Governor’s legislative plan includes investment into rural communities. Nearly $90 million is allocated for construction and repair projects related to public buildings. 

This money will also help to improve outdoor recreation areas and state parks.


Funding for public education is provided through this series of bills. Investments in public schools will grow 12% this year. This funding is expected to grow by nearly 30% next year. 

The governor designated $20 million in funding to address pandemic-related educational disruptions. This funding will help to develop summer reading programs for students.

Workforce Training

One of the most important areas of investment provided in these bills is Idaho’s workforce. Investments are provided for certain types of technical career training programs, specifically.

Much of this investment will overlap with educational goals in Idaho. Funding for community colleges and universities is detailed in House Bill 338 and Senate Bill 1214.

Job training for Idaho residents will boost local economies and drive statewide revenue. Senate Bill 1154 describes many of the new investments into career technical education, which include:

Regional Market Needs

$3.5 million is directed toward modernization of secondary and post-secondary education. This funding will be guided in ways that meet the needs of regional labor markets.

Workforce Training

$500,000 is included for work training centers. These centers will deliver professional development content to citizens across Idaho.

Food Processing

These new bills allocate $750,000 for industry-specific workforce training programs. The programs developed with this funding will focus on the food processing and manufacturing industries.

Getting Certified for Contract Work in Idaho

With the signing of these new bills, the job market in Idaho is expected to expand. Because of this, many people are interested in getting an Idaho contractor’s license

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