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author RocketCert Staff
date 06.12.2024

Electricity is an integral part of the modern world. It lights homes and businesses, keeps food cold, controls interior temperatures, and generally improves people’s quality of life.

This is good news for anyone interested in working as an electrician; reliance on electrical power makes this field a very stable career choice. The growth of computing and communications technologies only further elevates the need for qualified trade professionals.

Once you have obtained an EE-98 Residential, Commercial & Industrial, or Specialty License from the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department, you must maintain it through periodic renewal. But how often do you need to renew, and what are the requirements for doing so?

Understanding License Expiration

Every state has different rules regarding the length of time trade licenses remain valid. In New Mexico, electrician licenses expire every three years in the month in which they were issued.

If, for example, your license was issued on June 15, 2022, it would expire on June 30, 2025. It’s critical that you meet the requirements for license renewal well in advance of the expiration date so you can continue to work uninterrupted.

Requirements to Renew Your License

To renew your license, you must complete the required New Mexico Electrical Continuing Education courses. All electricians in the state, including Journeyman and Master Electricians, Residential Electricians, and Electrical Contractors, must complete 16 hours of suitable continuing education (CE).

This entails eight hours of both National Electric Code (NEC) updates and industry-related instruction. CE can be broken down into an eight-hour NEC course paired with trade programs totaling eight hours or one 16-hour course.

You may complete this training at any time during the three years before your license expires. If you fail to submit proof of completed CE by the date of license expiration, you will not be legally permitted to perform electrical work until your license is renewed. Continuing to work without a license could result in fines, imprisonment, or both.

Preparing for Renewal With a State-Approved Program

Choosing the right CE program will help to ensure that you have both the credits required to renew your license and the information you need to continue providing the best service to your customers. You’ll want to look for a program designed by and for working professionals.

As a working electrician, you need a program that offers the convenience of self-paced learning with 24/7 online access to materials. The latter option allows you to fit in learning when it suits your schedule. Courses created by industry experts and educators ensure that the information provided is tailored to your needs.

Finally, you’ll want a program that provides an instant Certificate of Completion for your records, along with daily notifications to the state on your behalf. The best programs are designed to make life easier for working professionals every step of the way.

If you’re ready to complete qualifying New Mexico Electrical Continuing Education to renew your license, contact RocketCert today to get started.