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author RocketCert Staff
date 06.10.2024

For many homes and businesses, alarm systems play an integral role in protecting people and property from the threat of harm and theft. It’s important that systems designed to monitor and alert owners to break-ins or fires be installed, serviced, and maintained properly. 

As an Alarm Systems Contractor or Qualifying Agent, you can help safeguard homes and businesses in your community, providing a valuable service while earning a good salary. First, though, you must obtain a license from the Tennessee Alarm Systems Contractors Board. 

But what can you do with this license, exactly? And how do you go about obtaining one? 

Types of Alarm Systems Contractors


There are many components included in alarm systems. However, the state of Tennessee breaks them down into two main categories for licensing purposes: fire alarms and burglar alarms. 

Qualifying Agents are licensed to oversee and supervise contractor operations related to alarm systems. Their duties could include selling, installing, servicing, and monitoring these systems. 

Requirements to Become a Licensed Alarm Systems Contractor


Before you can obtain a license, you must first meet state requirements. All applicants must be 18 or older and of good moral character. You must also be employed by an alarm contractor full-time, and you may only be the qualifier for a single alarm contractor company. 

In terms of education, you’ll need a post-high-school degree from a commissioner-approved accredited technical school, college, or university. Alternatively, you could complete a suitable national training program approved by the commissioner to obtain certification. 

The state also requires that you complete a trade exam. The Fire Alarm Qualifying Agent Exam consists of 100 questions covering topics like: 

  • General knowledge and theory 
  • Requirements for electrical installation 
  • Wiring methods and materials 
  • Special occupancies 
  • Special conditions 
  • Application of fire alarm systems 
  • State licensing laws and rules 

You will have five hours to complete this open-book exam, and you must answer at least 70 questions correctly to pass. 

Another trade exam option, the Burglar Alarm Qualifying Agent Exam, is similar to the one for fire alarms. It, too, has 100 questions, allows you five hours to complete it, and requires a score of 70% to pass. It also covers all the same topics, except the application section relates specifically to burglar alarms. 

If you’re a Designated Qualifying Agent for your employer, you must hold all classifications. In contrast, a Qualifying Agent only needs classification for the area they are working in. 

Preparing for Your Exam


The best exam prep program for working professionals will offer 24/7 access to online course materials so that you can learn at your own pace. With courses prepared by industry experts and educators, lifetime access to materials, and round-the-clock customer support, you have the best chance to pass your exam on the first try. 

Are you ready to obtain your Alarm Systems Qualifying Agent License in Tennessee? Contact RocketCert today to learn more about the exam prep program that will help you pass on the first try.