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LV-G Low Voltage General Technician Licensing & Exam Prep

Need to get your low voltage license in Wyoming? To obtain a license, you must first meet certain experience requirements and pass the exam. These licenses are administed by the Wyoming Department of Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety.

All of our training is offered in an online self-paced format. Our exam prep is designed to help you pass your test the first time. We also back it with our "no pass, no pay" policy so you can feel confident in your investment. All of our courses are available from almost any device, any time. We hope that you will make RocketCert your home to help you obtain your Wyoming Low Voltage General Technician License.

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Individual studying for the Wyoming Master or Journeyman Electrical Exam  online with RocketCert
Scope of work

What type of work can be done with this license?

Licensed Electrician in Wyoming
  • LV-G Low Voltage General Technician

    This license allows low voltage work under 90 volts for all of the following categories:

      - Alarm Systems

      - Communication Systems

      - Sound Systems

      - Television and Satellite Systems

      - Control Systems

      - Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Requirements & steps

What are the requirements to getting a license?

Journeyman Electrical RequirementsLV-G Low Voltage License Requirements
  • 2 years (4,000 hours) of training that was obtained through work relating to the category of LV-G that includes the following categories under 90 volts:
    • Alarm Systems
    • Communication Systems
    • Sound Systems
    • Television and Satellite Systems
    • Control Systems
    • Lawn Sprinkler Systems
  • Evidence of work experience should be documented by notarized letters from past or present employers with details of the experience and type of work and actual number of hours of on-the-job training. Past or present employers can fill out the employment verification form (this form is included in the application through the Wyoming Department of Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety)
    • Military electrical experience is considered and a copy of the applicant’s DD-214 should be included with this application.
  • Proof of Exam
    • Pass the Wyoming Low-Voltage General Technician Examination administered by the International Code Council

How do I obtain a license?

To apply for your license, contact the Wyoming Department of Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety at 307-777-7288 or visit the website.

With RocketCert, our education is written by a combination of professional educators and industry professionals. Our exam prep is guaranteed to help you pass the exam, and is backed with our no pass, no pay policy. We pride ourselves on providing industry leading customer service. Also, if you find a better original price on any online course that we offer, we will beat it by 10%.

RocketCert customer studying to pass their State exam through the RocketCert website or on the mobile app.

Preparing to pass the State exam is a critical part of the licensing process. Failing the exam can result in substantial delays before you are able to work under your license. We will offer industry leading exam prep and all of the required books, at an unbeatable price.


After studying with RocketCert, you will be on your way to passing the required State exam(s) (see below). Submit a completed application packet to the Wyoming State Electrical Division to obtain pre-approval for the exam.


After completing all the steps above, it will be time to apply through the state to obtain your Wyoming Low Voltage License.


Which exam do I need to take?

Applicants can arrange a time and date to take the exam with ICC after obtaining pre-approval.

It’s the exam! 218 Wyoming Low-voltage General Technician

  • Number of questions: 50
  • Passing Score: 70% correct
  • Time allowed: 3 hours

Topics Include:

  • General Knowledge
  • Low-voltage Remote Control and Alarm Systems
  • Low-voltage Communication and Sound Systems
  • Low-voltage Control Circuits
  • Fiber Optical Cables and Raceways
Exam Prep, & Books

How do I pass the exam?

The exam prep includes math, theory and calculations, highlighting guides covering the topics your exam is based on, practice questions for each references, and unlimited attempts on our "test simulation".

Online Exam Prep Includes:

  • Calculation Lessons - Here, we teach you math concepts and how to solve calculations on test day. Calculation topics include Ohm’s Law, voltage drop, transformers, motors, box fill, and allowable fill for raceway sizing.
  • Highlighting Guides - Introduce the critical information in your book(s). This will familiarize you with each book’s content and its layout.
  • Quizzes - These practice quizzes are based on each individual book/reference. They reinforce key concepts.
  • Test Simulation / Practice Exam - Comprehensive exams randomly generated from our database of questions. Test simulations are restricted by time, and hints are disabled. Test simulations are as close to the real exam as you can get.
  • Guide to Tabbing - This section includes tabbing books and other test taking strategies to keep calm and focused during the exam.

Wyoming Low-Voltage Online Exam Prep

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Wyoming Low-Voltage Bundle

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$799 $729

NEC 2020, NFPA 70: National Electrical Code

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Ugly's Electrical References, 2020

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Ferm's Fast Finder Index, NEC 2017

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NEC 2020 Handbook

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Key Word Index, 2020

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Pre-printed or blank tabs are also available.

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