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8 - 10 Hours Self Paced and Live Webinar OCILB CE


Self-Paced and Live Webinar Hydronics Continuing Education

Licensed Ohio Hydronics completing the required 8 or 24 hours of education online with RocketCert

Ohio Hydronics contractors are required to complete either 8 or 24 hours of continuing education prior to each renewal. This depends on if you have an annual license or a 3 year license. Up to half the hours can be taken in a self-paced online format whereas the remaining half can be taken through a live webinar. You must have a webcam to take the webinar (for ID verification). Our courses covers all of the required topics including Ohio codes, safety, and business topics. We hope that you will make RocketCert your home to complete your Ohio Hydronics Continuing Education.

  • $119
    4 Hours
  • $199
    8 Hours
    Online / Live Webinar
  • $249
    10 Hours
    Online / Live Webinar
Online Continuing Education

What courses are available for me to take online?

We pride ourselves on providing industry leading customer service. Also, if you find a better original price on any online course that we offer, we will beat it by 10%.

Ohio 8 Hour Hydronics Continuing Education Pack (Webinar / Online Hybrid)



Ohio 10 Hour Hydronics Continuing Education (Webinar / Online Hybrid)



Ohio 4 Hour Hydronics Code Continuing Education (Online)

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Ohio 4 Hour Hydronics Continuing Education (Live Webinar)

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Ohio 6 Hour Hydronics Continuing Education Continuing Education (Live Webinar)

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Requirements & Steps

How do I renew my Hydronics license in Ohio?

Licenses can be renewed in 3 year or 1 year increments. Prior to the deadline, you will need to complete the required hours of continuing education (8 or 24). If you are late in taking your education, you will need to complete additional hours (10 or 30).

Note: Students who must complete the additional hours are only permitted to take a maximum of 4 hours per year of renewal (4 of 10, or 12 of 30) in a self-paced setting. The remaining additional hours (either 6 or 18) must be completed in a live setting.

RocketCert customer completing their continuing education through the RocketCert website or on the mobile app.

We offer the required training online. Our courses come with lifetime access (though we know it won't take that long!)

If you purchased the Live Webinar, you will be able to select your date.


24 hours are required for license renewal. With us, the self-paced training is available 24/7 on nearly any device. The webinar can also be taken on nearly any device, though at scheduled times.

ID verification is required. You will need to submit your driver's license and Refrigeration license. For the webinar, you are required to have a web cam.


After you complete the continuing education, you can instantly print your certificate of completion. We will notify the State the next business day.

Renew Your License

Complete the steps above and submit your renewal to the State!

Hours & Topics

What are the required topics and hours for my license?

1 Year License Hydronics Contractor 1 Year License (8 Hours)

4 hours can be in a self paced format.

Our self paced training covers 4 hours of code changes whereas the live webinar covers 4 hours of business and safety.

  • If you are late taking your continuing education, you will need to complete 10 hours of CE. Only 4 of these hours may be completed in a self-paced course.
3 Year License 3 Year License (24 Hours)

Similar to an annual license, only 12 of your hours can be taken in a self paced format.

  • If you are late taking your continuing education, you will need to complete 30 hours of CE. Only 12 of these hours may be completed in a self-paced course.
About Us

Why should I choose RocketCert?

At RocketCert, we strive to be the best (while having fun in the process). This means having not only the best quality of education, but also industry leading technology. Best yet, we are here for you 7 days a week. Have a question or comment? Give us a call or contact us to send us a message. Ready to begin? Select from the training below and start immediately. Of course, you can resume later!


Why pay for something knowing your time with it is limited? At RocketCert, we believe in offering lifetime access to your training, even though it will not be needed.


Our education is written industry experts. We believe in helping you with your career, and that help begins with offering best in class education.


We are here for you. Have a question? Need support? Our team is available 7 days a week for technical support. We pride ourselves in taking care of you.


Our training is available 24/7, and you can start and stop as needed. With our mobile ready courses, you can take from nearly any device at any location.

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