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National Certification

ICC National Mechanical Exam Prep

National standard exams were developed by ICC as a way of analyzing a standardized level of education for licensed professionals nationwide. Although few state boards will issue a license based solely on the National Standard exams, many local and municipal agencies will. In any scenario, passing these exams is a testament to the knowledge and skill of anyone who passes.

Keep a cool head on the day of the exam by using our exam simulator, which builds a custom practice exam each time with questions very similar to the ones you will see on the real thing. To accommodate those inevitable questions that require another educated human to help, you can send our licensing support team a question 24/7 online and you can give us a call during weekday business hours. We can explain a concept, help with tricky tables, or clarify something that isn't quite "clicking". Pass any trade exam with RocketCert and Accelerate and Advance Your Career.

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    ICC Mechanical
    Exam Prep
  • $521 $469
    Prep, Books, Tabs
Individual taking the course and exam prep for ICC National Exams online with RocketCert
Pre-Licensing, Exam Prep, & Books

How do I pass the exam?

The exams are open book. These references are permitted to be tabbed and highlighted! Unfortunately, our online course is NOT permitted to be accessed during the exam.

The exam prep includes math, plan reading, highlighting guides covering the topics your exam is based on, practice questions for each references, and unlimited attempts on our "test simulation".

Online Exam Prep Includes:

  • Calculation Lessons - Here, we teach you load calculations for sizing HVAC ducts, and heating & cooling systems.
  • Highlighting Guides - Introduce the critical information in your book(s). This will familiarize you with each book’s content and its layout.
  • Quizzes - These practice quizzes are based on each individual book/reference. They reinforce key concepts.
  • Test Simulation / Practice Exam - Comprehensive exams randomly generated from our database of questions. Test simulations are restricted by time, and hints are disabled. Test simulations are as close to the real exam as you can get.
  • Guide to Tabbing - This section includes tabbing books and other test taking strategies to keep calm and focused during the exam.

Master Mechanical (G29) Bundle

  • Lifetime Online Access to the Master Mechanical (G29) Online Exam Prep
  • All the references to use during the exam
  • Custom Permanent/Pre-Printed Tabs
  • Free Shipping!

Backed by our Education Support Team & No Pass No Pay Policy

$521 $469

Journeyman Mechanical (G31) Bundle

  • Lifetime Online Access to the Journeyman Mechanical (G31) Online Exam Prep
  • All the references to use during the exam
  • Custom Permanent/Pre-Printed Tabs
  • Free Shipping!

Backed by our Education Support Team & No Pass No Pay Policy

$521 $469

Master Mechanical (G29) Online Exam Prep

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Journeyman Mechanical (G31) Online Exam Prep

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The 2015 IMC and IFGC is allowed to be used during the G29 and G31 Exams. (Included in the Bundles)

2018 International Mechanical Code

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2018 International Fuel and Gas Code

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Pre-printed or blank tabs are also available.

2 Book Tab Bundle

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Permanent Blank Tabs - 375 Pack

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How do I obtain a license with ICC Mechanical Exams?

Passing these exams alone is not enough to obtain a license. Applicants must submit a license application with the proper state or local boards and satisfy their individual licensing requirements. Review the requirements prior to sitting for the exam. The best place to find more details about the requirements is by contacting the issuing board directly.

Most places require license holders to complete continuing education every year or two years in order to renew the license. We offer state-approved continuing education for trades across the country.

How hard is the National Standard Mechanical Exam? We help people pass this exam every day via online exam prep courses and live support. We are so confident we can help you, we offer a No Pass, No Pay Guarantee on our exam prep courses.

RocketCert customer studying to pass their State exam through the RocketCert website or on the mobile app.
Review License Requirements

The first step is to review and understand all of the licensing requirements for the specific license you are seeking. Many places have financial and legal requirements for licensure.

Obtain Pre-approval

Some licensing agencies may require you to apply through them prior to testing with ICC, while others may not. Please contact your local licensing agency or review the appropriate National Contractor/Trades Examination Information Bulletin on the Code Council’s website.


It's never too soon to start studying for the exam. It covers a broad range of topics and you must wait 10 days before retaking a failed exam.

Pass The Exam

Once you feel comfortable with the content and have passed multiple practice exams, it's time to schedule the exam. You can schedule the exam on the PearsonVUE website.


Once you pass the exam, you will receive a physical copy of your passing score at the facility. You may also request a Replacement Result Letter directly from ICC.


What does the exam cover?

Exam details G29 Master Mechanical Exam

  • Total Questions: 100
  • Passing Score: 70 Correct
  • Time: 4 Hours

Topics include: Administration General Regulations; Appliances & Mechanical Equipment; Exhaust and Ventilation Systems; Duct Systems; Combustion Air; Chimneys and Vents; Fuel Supply Systems

Exam details G31 Journeyman Mechanical Exam

  • Total Questions: 70
  • Passing Score: 35 Correct
  • Time: 3 Hours

Topics include: Administration General Regulations; Mechanical Fixtures; Water Supply and Distribution; Sanitary Drainage; Mechanical Vent Requirements; Traps, Interceptors, and Separators; Storm Drainage

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