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author RocketCert Staff
date 07.04.2022

Arkansas HVACR Licenses (sometimes written as “HVAC/R” or “HVAC-R”) are provided by the Department of Labor and Licensing, which is the board also responsible for consulting with the public and health officials regarding heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration.

In order for professionals to obtain an HVAC/R License in Arkansas, they must pass an exam and meet certain requirements set by the state’s board.

If you’re interested in taking this test, you must first apply for approval to sit for the exam. There are several different classes of HVAC/R Licenses, and each one is designated by a letter of the alphabet.

The classes are:

There are no states with which Arkansas has reciprocity agreements for HVAC/R Licenses at this time unless you have held a license for at least three years. Then, reciprocity may be granted with Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Requirements for Obtaining an Arkansas HVAC/R License

The requirements of the state set forth for each classification of license vary. For example, those applying for Class A, B, C, D, or E Licenses must be age 18 or older. However, you cannot apply for the Class L License unless you are at least 65.

No matter which classification you’re interested in obtaining, you will need to submit board-approved evidence of at least two years of experience as an employee of an HVAC/R contractor, unless you are an HVAC/R contractor yourself. In this case, you will need to supply proof of your contractor status.

Finally, all applicants must take and pass the corresponding HVAC/R Exam, but remember that pre-approval to sit for the exam is required. Contact the Arkansas Department of Labor and Licensing at 501-682-4500. If you will be renewing a license you currently have, no continuing education is required.

Arkansas HVAC/R License Exams

Each classification has its own exam, but all are open book.

The Class A Exam has 100 questions, and you must answer 70 correctly to pass. You will have four hours for this test.

The HVAC/R Class B Exam has 50 questions on it, and you must answer 70% of them correctly. You will have three hours to finish this test.

The HVAC/R Class C Exam has 40 questions, of which 70% must be correct in order for you to pass. You will have a total of two hours to complete this exam.

The Class D Exam has 60 questions on it, and you must answer 70% of them correctly to pass. The time allowed for this exam is three hours.

The Class E Exam contains 60 questions, and again, you must answer 70% of them right in order to receive a passing grade. You will have three hours to take this test.

As you can see, the exams are a critical part of the requirements needed in the state of Arkansas for HVAC/R licensure. Make sure you’re adequately prepared!

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