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author RocketCert Staff
date 06.24.2022

Residential electrical contractors in South Carolina are permitted to install, alter, repair, and replace electrical wiring and material, along with other electrical equipment that is located within residential buildings. Before a professional contractor can bid or work on any residential electrical work that amounts to more than $5,000, they must obtain a Residential Specialty Electrical License from the state.

In order to qualify for this license, contractors must take two different exams. They can choose to take either the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA) Accredited Exam or the South Carolina Electrical Contractor Exam, both of which are offered by PSI and accepted by numerous professional agencies throughout the state.

The other exam contractors are required to take and pass is the Business Management and Law Exam.

Additional Requirements for South Carolina Residential Electrical Contractors

There are additional conditions and requirements that must be met when applying for this type of professional license including financial and experience requirements.

Financial Requirements for the Residential Electrician

Every professional applying for this type of license must provide an original surety bond at the time they pay their license fee. This will be due after they pass the examinations, and is only required if the total cost of a construction job they perform is more than $5,000.

The bond that is furnished cannot be a photocopy; it must be the original document, and it has to be signed by the applicant with the power of attorney attached. The applicant’s name must be listed as the principal on the original document, as well.

Experience Required to Receive a Residential Electrical Contractor License in SC

Different types of contractor licenses in South Carolina require different lengths of experience prior to a professional being eligible to receive a license. For the Residential Electrical Contractor License, you must submit proof of one year of experience in the field.

This experience must have been hands-on work that was performed under the supervision of a licensed electrical contractor or residential builder within the previous five years.

South Carolina Residential Electrical Contractor License Exam Prep

The exams you will be required to take and pass will be open-book exams. The South Carolina Residential Electrical Contractor Exam has 60 questions and you must answer at least 44 correctly in order to pass. You will have 180 minutes to complete this test.

The NASCLA exam has 100 questions, of which 70 must be answered correctly. There is a time limit of 270 minutes for completing this test.

The Business Management and Law for Residential Contractors Exam has 50 questions on it, and 34 of those must be answered correctly for a passing grade. Test-takers have 120 minutes to complete the exam.

Some of the topics covered in these tests include measurement and estimating, grounding and bonding, safety, labor laws, general electrical knowledge, services, feeders, circuits, and many others.

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