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author RocketCert Staff
date 07.01.2024

Skilled electricians are always in high demand. To become an electrician in West Virginia, you must first obtain a license from the West Virginia Contractor Licensing Board. Which licenses are offered and what are the requirements to obtain them?

Journeyman Electrician

As a journeyman electrician, you are permitted to install electrical wiring, conduits, apparatus, equipment, fixtures, and other appliances. Before you can obtain this license, however, you must show proof of a minimum of 8,000 hours — or four years — of approved, hands-on work experience.

Alternatively, you may complete an apprenticeship program approved by the U.S. Department of Labor or a vocational course approved by the West Virginia Department of Education (that includes at least 1,080 hours of instruction). You must also pass the state’s Journeyman Electrician Exam.

This open-book test consists of 42 questions and four simple calculations. It covers topics like:

  • Power factors
  • Voltage drops
  • Resistance
  • Circuit requirements

You will have three hours to complete this exam, and you must answer at least 30 questions correctly to pass.

Master Electrician

In addition to the scope of work a journeyman electrician may perform, a master electrician is permitted to supervise journeymen, apprentices, and related workers. This license also allows for the design of electrical systems.

To obtain a master electrician license, you must submit proof of 10,000 hours — or five years — of approved hands-on work experience, including a combination of residential, commercial, and industrial projects. You must also pass the Master Electrician Exam. It features 50 questions and six simple calculations and covers topics like:

  • Service loads
  • Power factor
  • Voltage drop
  • Service size
  • Demand load
  • Circuit resistance
  • Outlet requirements

You will have three hours to complete this open-book test, and you must answer at least 35 questions correctly to pass.

Electrical Contractor

As an electrical contractor, you may construct, alter, and repair electrical systems and equipment. You may also employ master electricians, journeyman electricians, apprentices, and related workers. First, you will have to provide proof of:

  • Business registration (with West Virginia State Tax Department)
  • Certificate of Authority
  • Wage bond
  • Insurance

You must also pass two exams. The Electrical Contractor Exam features 75 questions covering topics like:

  • Electrical theory/trade knowledge
  • Definitions
  • 3 phase theory
  • Range calculations
  • Wiring and protections
  • Wiring methods
  • 3 phase calculation
  • Special occupancies
  • Equipment for general use
  • Special conditions
  • Special equipment
  • Conduit fill
  • Communications systems
  • Tables and examples
  • Voltage drop
  • Service loads

You will have 180 minutes to complete this open-book exam, and you must answer at least 53 questions correctly to pass. 

You also have to take the Business Law Exam, consisting of 50 questions on topics like:

  • Labor law
  • Contracts
  • Estimating and bidding
  • Business organization
  • Financial management
  • Lien law
  • Licensing
  • Risk management
  • Project management
  • Tax law
  • Safety-OSHA

You will have three hours to complete this open-book test, and you must answer a minimum of 35 questions correctly to pass.


Several state licensing boards accept exams offered by the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA) in place of state-specific exams. You may want to find out whether the NASCLA Electrical Exam is an accepted substitute for your preferred license.

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