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author Vance Rubio
date 04.03.2024

If you love learning about how everyday systems (such as lighting, communication, and entertainment) are powered, a career as an electrician may be for you. This exciting path will allow you to install and repair the electrical circuits that drive these systems and work on varied projects for residents and businesses.

Before you can start working as an electrician in the state of Illinois, you must obtain a license. Illinois is unique in that there is no statewide licensing board. Instead, you must meet regulatory requirements for licensing in your local municipality. If you want to work in the city of Chicago, it’s important to know what specific requirements apply for licensees.

Which Types of Electrician Licenses Are Offered?

As a local municipality, Chicago offers two different types of electrical licenses, each allowing electricians to perform different types of work:

Note that employees of general contractors who are working on Class 2 electrical work must be under the supervision of a licensed supervising electrician. 

Class 1 work can only be performed by a licensed supervising electrician or those employees enrolled in or who have completed a U.S. Department of Labor-recognized apprenticeship program requiring 8,000 hours of on-the-job training and classroom instruction. 

What Do I Need to Obtain an Electrician License in Chicago?

Getting an electrician license in Chicago is a rigorous process. All applicants must be 21 years of age. You must also have two years of verified work experience installing, altering, repairing, and maintaining electrical wiring and equipment. Finally, you must pass one of two exams:

  • Supervising Electrician Exam: This open book test includes 25 questions on electrical principles and practices (including electrical blueprint reading, conductors, transformers, power factor and volt-amps, and more) and 125 questions on the Chicago electrical code and requires a passing score of 70%
  • Supervising Low-Voltage Electrician Exam: This open-book test includes 25 questions on electrical principles and practices and 75 questions on the Chicago electrical code and also requires a passing score of 70%

A signed letter from your current or former employer’s supervising electrician is required for exam registration. This supervisor must hold an active Chicago electrician license and must include the contractor’s license number.

Get Expert Help to Prepare for Your Electrician Exams

It takes a lot of work to become an electrician in Chicago, Illinois. Don’t let the possibility of having to take the exam more than once hold you back from starting a career you’ll love.

RocketCert’s test prep courses and books offer you lifetime access to always-on, best-in-class education crafted by actual industry experts. The online exam prep includes calculation lessons and study guides as well as quizzes and a practice exam to help you reinforce key concepts and prepare for the real thing. 

Contact RocketCert today to start working toward your Chicago general or low-voltage electrical contractor license.