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author RocketCert Staff
date 12.28.2023

Plumbing systems are an important part of daily life. Without them, people would not be able to remove waste from homes and businesses, maintain proper hygiene, or run necessary appliances. 

While maintaining plumbing systems is important, having someone to ensure the system and its components meet code and safety requirements is also crucial. This is what plumbing inspectors do. Learn what it takes to get licensed for this type of career so you can become authorized to work in this rewarding field.

What Michigan Plumbing Inspectors Can Do With a License

A plumbing inspector provides professional oversight and advice during various phases of residential, commercial, and industrial construction and remodeling projects. Their job is to inspect, ensure, and enforce compliance with the Michigan Plumbing Code and all other regulations. 

Plumbing inspectors look at the system as a whole and inspect all components (such as draining systems, fixtures, and pipes) for proper installation, functionality, and safety.

Additionally, plumbing inspectors work hand-in-hand with plumbing plan reviewers. Those licensed to perform this work are tasked with ensuring that plumbing plans, including piping and drainage systems and fixtures, comply with all codes and regulations. 

Steps to Obtain a Plumbing Inspector and Plan Reviewer License in Michigan

To get a license for this higher-level career, you must already have held a journey plumber or master plumbing license from the state of Michigan for the two years immediately preceding your application. 

If your license is not from Michigan, you must provide proof of your license from another state or foreign country with evidence that you have met the requirements to obtain that license.

If you do not hold a journey plumber or master plumbing license, you can submit an experience affidavit from your employer(s) as evidence that you have actively been engaged in plumbing work for at least five years under the supervision of a licensed plumbing contractor. 

Once you’ve met these requirements and applied for your license, you must sit for an exam. The Plumbing Inspector Exam and the Plumbing Plan Reviewer Exam cover plumbing systems as well as plumbing codes, statutes, and standards. Both exams are open-book and 120 minutes long. They have 76 questions and require a passing score of 75%.

Achieve Success With an Exam Prep Course You Can Count On

Passing the Plumbing Inspector Exam is a necessary part of the licensure process. Your best bet for passing this challenging test on the first try is ensuring you get access to the right exam prep course. At RocketCert, we believe in the value of having course materials written by field experts and experienced educators.

With RocketCert, you can access books you need for the open-book exam along with a robust, always-available course that offers math calculations, practice quizzes, test-taking tips, and a randomly generated practice exam. 

Best of all, you’ll get all the technical support you need to succeed. Contact our team today to start your journey toward a Michigan plumbing inspector license.