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author RocketCert Staff
date 11.06.2023

We live in a connected world, and electronic communications are the primary means of interacting with personal and professional contacts at a distance. It’s no surprise, then, that some contractors choose to specialize in electronic communication services.

This rapidly advancing field offers an exciting and challenging career path, with job stability and opportunities for healthy earnings that characterize many skilled trades. To work in this field, however, the state of Virginia requires that you first obtain a license through the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) Board of Contractors.

What can you do with an electronic communication service license, and how do you obtain one in Virginia? Here’s what you should know.

Working as an Electronic Communication Service Contractor

As an electronic communication service contractor, you can perform contracts that cover the installation, repair, removal, and replacement of electronic or communication systems. This could include equipment like wiring, cabling, and systems related to telephones, televisions, data, and fiber optics, for example.

Requirements to Obtain Your License

In the state of Virginia, becoming an electronic communications service contractor requires a specialty designation, which means you must first obtain a Class A, B, or C contractor license. The contractor license you choose will determine the scope of contracts you can take, including earnings per project and annual earnings.

To obtain a Class C license, you’ll need to complete two years of experience and an 8-hour pre-licensing course, and you’ll have to pass a specialty trade exam. 

For a Class B license, you must complete three years of experience and an eight-hour pre-licensing course. You also have to pass the specialty trade exam, as well as the Virginia and General exams. 

Obtaining a Class A license requires five years of experience and an eight-hour pre-licensing course, as well as a passing score on the specialty trade exam and the Virginia, General, and Advanced exams.

For your specialty license, you will have to complete the eight-hour pre-licensing course and pass the state Electronic/Communication Service Contracting exam. This open-book test covers topics such as:

  • Electrical power conditioning
  • Telephone systems
  • Grounding and bonding
  • Electrical and electronic knowledge
  • Conductors and cables
  • Low voltage systems under 50 volts
  • TV systems
  • Computer and data systems
  • Raceways and enclosures
  • Testing equipment

The exam consists of 50 questions, and you’ll have 120 minutes to complete it. You must answer a minimum of 33 questions correctly to pass.

Preparing to Ace Your Exam

The best way to pass your specialty trade exam, or any state exam, on the first try is with a state-approved exam prep program. Working professionals should look for online options that offer the convenience of a self-paced format with unlimited lifetime access to course materials.

Courses designed by industry experts and educators offer everything you need to succeed, including calculations, critical information, quizzes that reinforce key concepts, and test simulation that helps you understand what to expect on exam day. The right program will also provide a certificate of completion and daily notifications to the state.

RocketCert makes it easy to obtain your electronic communication service license in Virginia. Contact us now to get started.