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Registered Tax Preparer Continuing Education

Licensed California Plumuber completing the required 4 hours of education online with RocketCert

California registered tax preparers need to complete 20 hours of continuing education each year before October 31st. We offer the continuing education online in an easy to use self-paced format. Our course covers all of the required topics including federal tax law topics, tax law updates, ethics, and state specific. Courses are "question style" to help you faciliate understanding of the topic, and are available from almost any device, any time. We hope that you will make RocketCert your home to complete your California Tax Preparer Continuing Education.

  • $49
    20 Hours
    Online Education
Requirements & Steps

How do I renew my tax preparer license in California?

In California, the license expires every year. The next renewal date is October 31st, 2021. To renew, you are required to complete 20 hours of education and we will submit your renewal to the State.

A person is drinking coffee while reviewing renewal requirements for California
A person is completing their required contininuing education online to renew their California license.
RocketCert customer completing their continuing education through the RocketCert website or on the mobile app.

We offer the required training online. Our courses come with lifetime access (though we know it won't take that long!)


20 hours are required for license renewal. With us, the training is available 24/7 on nearly any device.


After you complete the continuing education, you can instantly print your certificate of completion. We will notify the State the next business day.

Additional Steps

The state also requires a $5000 tax preparer bond from an insurance/surety agent. The annual renewal fee is $33 if paid before October 31st. Renew your PTIN number with the IRS each year

Hours & Topics

What are the required topics and hours for my license?

Tax Preparer Tax Preparer (20 Hours)

  • 10 Hours of Federal Tax Law Topics
  • 3 Hours of Tax Law Updates
  • 2 Hours of Ethics
  • 5 Hours of State-Specific
Online Continuing Education

What courses are available for me to take online?

With RocketCert, our education is designed to improve your knowledge of the industry by taking you through the resources (available digitally with our program) and providing practice questions. We pride ourselves on providing industry leading customer service. Also, if you find a better original price on any online course that we offer, we will beat it by 10%.

About Us

Why should I choose RocketCert?

At RocketCert, we strive to be the best (while having fun in the process). This means having not only the best quality of education, but also industry leading technology. Best yet, we are here for you 7 days a week. Have a question or comment? Give us a call or contact us to send us a message. Ready to begin? Select from the training below and start immediately. Of course, you can resume later!


Why pay for something knowing your time with it is limited? At RocketCert, we believe in offering lifetime access to your training, even though it will not be needed.


Our education is written industry experts. We believe in helping you with your career, and that help begins with offering best in class education.


We are here for you. Have a question? Need support? Our team is available 7 days a week for technical support. We pride ourselves in taking care of you.


Our training is available 24/7, and you can start and stop as needed. With our mobile ready courses, you can take from nearly any device at any location.

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20 Hours of continuing education are required each year, prior to October 31st. Our course covers all required topics including federal tax law topics, tax law updates, ethics, and state specific. Take it with us today online!

  • Price: $49

Requirements to Obtain Registered Tax Preparer License

The state of California requires all individuals who wish to prepare tax returns in return for compensation to satisfy certain education requirements before applying. There is no state-issued exam.

To become a CTEC registered tax preparer, you must:

Annual renewal

You must renew your registration with CTEC annually to legally prepare income tax returns. Visit CTEC for more information.

To renew your CTEC registration, you must:

Exempt from Licensing Requirements:

California CPAs

Enrolled Agents

California BAR Attorneys

Specified Banking or Trust Officials

CTEC 60 Hour Qualifying Education Course
California CTEC 20 Hour Continuing Education Course