If you're taking a continuing education course, it's important to make sure that it's state-approved. State approval ensures that the course meets the standards set by the state, and that you'll receive credit for completing it.

At RocketCert, all of our continuing education courses are state-approved. You can verify this information by checking the approval info section at the bottom of the page where the course is listed. Here's how:

  1. Check the Course Listing: Look for the "approval info" section at the bottom of the page where the course is listed. If the course is state-approved, there should be a statement indicating this fact, along with the name of the state agency that granted the approval.

  2. Visit the State Website: To find out more information about the state approval of the course, you can visit the website of the state agency that oversees the profession or industry for which the course is offered. Look for a list of approved courses or a search function that allows you to enter the name or provider of the course you're considering.

By taking the time to ensure that your course is state-approved, you can feel confident that you're getting the education you need to maintain your professional license or certification. If you have any questions about state approval for our continuing education courses, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Remember, taking a state-approved course not only ensures that you'll receive credit for completing it, but it also demonstrates to employers and clients that you're committed to staying current in your field. So, be sure to check for state approval before enrolling in any continuing education course.

Below you can see an example of what the approval info might look like. You can also click here to visit the appoval section of one of our CE pages.

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