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State Approved Online CE | 24, 16, 12, 8, & 4 Hours


Electrician Continuing Education

Licensed Oregon Electrician completing the required hours of education online with RocketCert

Oregon Electricians are required to complete continuing education prior to each renewal. We offer the continuing education online in an easy to use self-paced format. Our course covers all of the required topics including Oregon rule and law and code changes. Courses are "question style" to help you facilitate understanding of the topic, and are available from almost any device, any time. We hope that you will make RocketCert your home to complete your Oregon Electrical Continuing Education.

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Online Continuing Education

What courses are available for me to take online?

With RocketCert, our education is designed to improve your knowledge of the industry by taking you through the resources (available digitally with our program) and providing practice questions. We pride ourselves on providing industry leading customer service. Also, if you find a better original price on any online course that we offer, we will beat it by 10%.

Requirements & Steps

How do I renew my Electrical license in Oregon?

In Oregon, the license expires every 3 years. Expiration dates vary depending on the type of license you have. You can find a breakdown of when each license expires below. To renew, you are required to complete the required number of continuing education hours for your license and submit your renewal to the State.

RocketCert customer studying to pass their State exam through the RocketCert website or on the mobile app.


We offer the required training online. Our courses come with lifetime access (though we know it won't take that long!)


24 of continuing education are required for license renewal. With us, the training is available 24/7 on nearly any device.


After you complete the continuing education, you can instantly print your certificate of completion. We will notify the State the next business day.

Renew Your License

45 days before your expiration, the State will send you your renewal notice in the mail. Complete the steps above and renew your license!

Hours & Topics

What are the required topics and hours for my license?

Electrician Renewal Hours 4 Hour Requirements

  • Limited Renewable Energy Technician (LRT)
  • Limited Journeyman Sign Electrician (SIG)
    • 2 hr of Code changes
    • 2 hr of Code related
Electrician Requirements 8 Hour Requirements

  • Limited Maintenance Electrician (LME)
  • Limited Energy Technician Class B (LEB)
    • 2 hr of Code changes
    • 6 hr of Code related
  • Limited Energy Technician Class A (LEA)
    • 8 hr of Code changes
Electrician Requirements 16 Hour Requirements

  • Limited Residential Electrician (LR)
  • Limited Journeyman MFG Plant Electrician (PJ)
    • 4 hr of Oregon Rule and Law
    • 8 hr of Code changes
    • 4 hr of Code related
Electrician Requirements 24 Hour Requirements

  • General Journeyman Electrician (J)
  • Limited Supervising Electrician (PS)
  • General Supervising Electrician (S)
    • 4 hr of Oregon Rule and Law
    • 12 hr of Code changes
    • 8 hr of Code related
Expiration Dates / Cycles

When does my Oregon Electrical License expire?

Licenses expire every three years from the dates below.

  • July 1, 2026:
    • Electrical Contractor
    • Limited Energy Electrical Contractor
    • Limited Sign Electrical Contractor
    • Limited Renewable Energy Electrical Contractor
    • Restricted Energy Electrical Contractor
    • Limited Maintenance Specialty Electrical Contractor
    • Limited Maintenance Specialty HVAC Electrical Contractor
    • Limited Pump Installation Specialty Electrical Contractor
    • Any combination business license issued under ORS 455.122
    • Class 1 Boiler—Trainee/Helper
    • Class 2 Boiler—Pressure Vessel Installer
    • Class 3 Boiler—Building Service Mechanic
    • Class 4 Boiler—Boilermaker
    • Class 5 Boiler—Pressure Piping Mechanic
    • Class 5A Boiler—Process Piping Mechanic
    • Class 5B Boiler—Refrigeration Piping Mechanic
    • Class 6 Boiler—Boiler/Welder
    • Boiler Business
    • Plumbing Business
  • Oct. 1, 2026:
    • Limited Building Maintenance Electrician
    • Class A Limited Energy Technician
    • Class B Limited Energy Technician
    • Limited Journeyman Sign Electrician
    • Limited Journeyman Stage Electrician
    • Limited Renewable Energy Technician
    • Limited Journeyman Manufacturing Plant Electrician
    • Limited Maintenance Electrician
    • Limited Maintenance Manufactured Structures Electrician
    • Limited Elevator Journeyman
    • Limited Elevator Mechanic
  • Oct. 1, 2024:
    • General Journeyman Electrician
    • Limited Residential Electrician
  • Oct. 1, 2024:
    • Electrical Elevator Contractor
  • April 1, 2025:
    • Water Heater Installer Plumber
    • Water Treatment Installer Plumber
  • July 1, 2025:
    • Mechanical Elevator Contractor
  • Oct. 1, 2025:
    • General Supervising Electrician
    • Limited Supervisor Manufacturing Plant Electrician
  • April 1, 2026:
    • Solar Heating and Cooling System Plumbing Installer
    • Journeyman Plumber Group 2
  • July 1, 2026:
    • Reciprocating Conveyor Mechanic
    • Restricted Reciprocating Conveyor Mechanic
About Us

Why should I choose RocketCert?

At RocketCert, we strive to be the best (while having fun in the process). This means having not only the best quality of education, but also industry leading technology. Best yet, we are here for you 7 days a week. Have a question or comment? Give us a call or contact us to send us a message. Ready to begin? Select from the training below and start immediately. Of course, you can resume later!


Why pay for something knowing your time with it is limited? At RocketCert, we believe in offering lifetime access to your training, even though it will not be needed.


Our education is written industry experts. We believe in helping you with your career, and that help begins with offering best in class education.


We are here for you. Have a question? Need support? Our team is available 7 days a week for technical support. We pride ourselves in taking care of you.


Our training is available 24/7, and you can start and stop as needed. With our mobile ready courses, you can take from nearly any device at any location.

Approval Info

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