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The tried-and-true Gypsum Construction Handbook is a systematic guide to selecting and using gypsum drywall, veneer plaster, tile backers, ceilings, and conventional plaster building materials. A widely respected training text for aspiring architects and engineers, the book provides detailed product information and efficient installation methodology. The Seventh Edition features updates in gypsum products, including ultra-light panels, glass-mat panels, paper faced plastic bead, and ultra-lightweight joint compound, and modern specialty acoustical and ceiling product guidelines. This comprehensive reference also incorporates the latest in sustainable products.
GYPSUM CONTRUCTION HANDBOOK Drywall, joint compound, backerboard, plaster finishes, ceiling panels, sheathing gypsum-based products are essential for construction jobs large and small. From the planning process all the way down to the jobsite, understanding how and when to correctly use gypsum materials can mean the difference between a job well done and a construction nightmare. Since 1905, The Gypsum Construction Handbook has been the standard manual for construction professionals. New materials, new methods, and new requirements demand new approaches, plain and simple. The gypsum revolution changed the world of building construction, and The Gypsum Construction Handbook has kept up with innovation in the industry ever since. This Seventh Edition update includes essential guidelines for using state-of-the art USG products, including innovative ultralight, sustainable, and low-dust materials. USG has been the global leader in gypsum construction products for over a century, and the company employs the world’s premier experts on building with gypsum. These experts are the people who designed the leading products in the industry, and they are the people who wrote the book on how to use them. This book includes detailed instructions for using USG products, including: USG Securock Brand Glass-Mat Sheathing USG Sheetrock Products USG Fiberock Panels USG Ceilings Brand Clean Room ClimaPlus Acoustical Panels USG Durock & Accessory Products USG Imperial & Diamond Brand Plasters In addition, you’ll find general construction best practices for everything from framing to finishing. The Gypsum Construction Handbook also contains all the essentials on health, safety, code, and sustainability.