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SKU: 635-3-A201
IA Document A201–2017, General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, is considered the keystone document of the Conventional family of documents because it provides the terms and conditions under which the Owner, Contractor, and Architect will work together during the building construction process.

When adopted into an Owner-Contractor agreement, AIA Document A201–2017 provides an essential component of the construction contract. In addition, AIA Document A201–2017 is incorporated by reference into the Owner-Architect and Contractor-Subcontractor agreements in the A201 family of documents, thus establishing a common basis for the primary and secondary relationships on the typical medium to large size or complex (involving fast-track scheduling or multiple bid packages) construction project.

For smaller or less complex construction projects, document users should consider using AIA Document A104™–2017, Agreement Between Owner and Contractor for a Project of Limited Scope. For single-family residential projects, or even smaller and less complex commercial projects, users may wish to consider AIA Document A105™–2017, Agreement Between Owner and Contractor for a Residential or Small Commercial Project.