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author RocketCert Staff
date 07.25.2022

Professionals who hold a Journeyman Plumber License in the state of Alaska must complete at least 16 hours of continuing education before renewing their licenses. There are certain specific topics that must be covered during continuing education, including UPC code changes.

Renewing Your Alaska Plumbing License

This type of license expires during the odd years on the last day of those years. In order to renew, you must complete your 16 hours of continuing education. Hours will only be considered valid if they are taken through an approved continuing education program like RocketCert.

Once you’ve completed these hours, you’ll need to submit your renewal request to the state.

The topics that are required to be covered for license renewal include eight hours of UPC code change education and eight hours of industry-related education.

Submitting Your Renewal Request to the State

After you have successfully completed the 16 hours of continuing education courses for your plumbing license in Alaska, you will need your course completion submitted to Mechanical Inspection in Anchorage. 

There is a renewal fee that you must send in with your renewal request. This fee is $200. It’s important that you renew your plumbing license well before the expiration date in order to avoid late fees, which can be steep, depending on how overdue your renewal is.

If your license expired more than 90 days ago but less than two years ago, you must pay $50 as a re-application fee. This is in addition to the $200 regular renewal fee. 

If your Alaska plumbing license expired more than two years ago, you must re-apply for that license altogether and re-take all applicable Alaska plumbing license tests.

Choosing the Best Continuing Education Courses

Make sure that there are no delays with your renewal by choosing your continuing education courses wisely. The course provider must be registered with and approved by the state, or the coursework will be considered void and invalid.

The best courses are available with lifetime access once you order them. In addition, all of the materials should be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They should also be available (and user-friendly) on any device. 

This will make taking your continuing education courses for the Alaska plumbing license as easy and convenient as possible.

Once you’ve finished your coursework, you should be able to instantly print your certificate of completion. An added bonus is taking the continuing education courses through a website that will notify the state of Alaska of your completion.

Complete Your Continuing Education with RocketCert

Sign up with RocketCert for your coursework today and enjoy the benefits mentioned above, in addition to many others. RocketCert is approved by the state of Alaska for this coursework and offers expert education, customer support, a user-friendly experience, and more. 

Don’t leave fees and classes till the last minute and risk paying more. Make it easy on yourself. Sign up with RocketCert today, and renew your plumbing license in Alaska with total confidence and zero stress.