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author RocketCert Staff
date 01.18.2022

The lack of women in the skilled-trades workforce has long been a topic of discussion. After all, the vast majority of trade school graduates are male. But instead of working to improve conditions so that more women feel empowered and enabled in the male-dominated landscape, many companies are doing just the opposite.

Take, for example, the lack of proper clothing and gear for women who are working in skilled trades. There are countless examples of female employees who are forced to wear ill-fitting and unsafe protective gear. At best, this makes women less likely to consider a career in the skilled trades. At worst, it endangers the safety of those who do.

Why This Issue Matters

So why does this matter? Because the industry needs more women in the workforce. Here’s why:

There’s Currently a Worker Shortage

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are spending much more time at home. As a result, the need for home services, like plumbing, construction, electrical work, and more, has grown. And yet, the industry is struggling to hire enough skilled workers to meet demand.

Adding more women to the skilled-trades workforce seems like the natural solution. Why aren’t companies doing what they should to create a welcoming environment? If more variety in clothing and gear is all it takes, expanding the options to be more inclusive is indeed well worth the investment.

After all, keeping up with the market’s demand means more money for your business. But you can’t keep up with demand if you don’t have the support (and staffing) that you need.

The World Is Changing

Breaking into a male-dominated industry can be an intimidating prospect for any woman. But it seems to be happening with greater frequency. More women are filling jobs in finance, IT, software development, and engineering. It’s time for the skilled-trades industries to join the trend.

Additionally, having more women in the workforce seems to improve workplace environments. Research has proven that having a higher percentage of women at work leads to more job satisfaction and less burnout for all employees.

Naturally, these conditions seem like a win-win solution for everyone involved.

How to Fix the Clothing and Gear Problem

If you’re ready to make your workplace a more welcoming place for women, you’ll find that it’s in your best interests to follow through. Offering more female-suited clothing and gear is a great place to start and well worth the investment.

If your business requires a uniform, it’s only fair that you provide your female employees with female-inclusive sizes. No woman wants to or should have to perform dangerous work in baggy pants and oversized gloves. With the growing focus on fit, some women are even turning to bridal bootcamp to maintain a certain “fit” for their big day! And yet, there is a shocking lack of sizing inclusivity in skilled-trades protective gear. 

As more women enter the skilled-trades industry, this simple change will make your business a more appealing and inclusive place to work. Adding more female employees to your roster will significantly benefit your business and workforce productivity.