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author RocketCert Staff
date 10.28.2021

these statutory requirements is essential if you want to avoid fines and ensure that your HVAC work is completed up to the latest safety standards.

Below, we’ll outline the process of filing for an HVAC permit in Kentucky. We will also detail who can apply for these permits and outline when permits are mandated by state law. 

By following this simple guide, you can better protect yourself and your company from any potential repercussions associated with improperly permitted work.

When Are Permits Required?

The State of Kentucky’s Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction instituted an HVAC permitting and inspections program in 2011. Since that date, it has required that any new installations of HVAC systems be permitted and inspected. 

This applies to the following structures:

  • One- and two-family dwellings
  • Multi-family buildings
  • Commercial buildings

As you might expect, the DHBC charges fees for each permit. The amount of the fee corresponds to the type of project, how many units are being installed, and other factors. Currently, the DBHC allows authorized individuals to apply for and obtain HVAC permits online.

While the state specifically requires permits for initial installations, they may also require a permit for some replacement projects. However, they do not require permits for projects that involve replacing a single component of the HVAC system.

Who Can File for a Permit?

The state of Kentucky only allows licensed master HVAC contractors to apply for permits. Journeymen cannot apply for permits, nor can they independently bid on contracts for HVAC installations.

A master HVAC contractor is the highest level of certification offered in the state of Kentucky. These professionals can supervise journeyman HVAC mechanics, obtain permits, bid on jobs, and perform any task related to the installation, repair, or replacement of an HVAC system.

Master HVAC contractors are ultimately responsible for the successful outcome of an HVAC project. They are held liable for any property damage or injuries caused by their employees.

As such, master HVAC contractors are required to maintain liability and property damage insurance. The liability policy must be for $500,000 or more. The property damage policy must cover at least $300,000 per incident. Without these coverages, an individual cannot become licensed as a master HVAC contractor.

How to Become a Master HVAC Contractor

Master HVAC contractors must maintain the minimum liability and property damage policy amounts as set by the state. In addition, they must have significant work experience before they can take the state exam.

Specifically, master HVAC contractors must submit proof of 2 years of work experience in the state of Kentucky. They must complete this work experience under the supervision of a master HVAC contractor while working as a licensed journeyman HVAC mechanic.

The alternative option for satisfying this requirement is to work as an HVAC contractor in another state. The applicant must have 5 years of work experience if they are coming from a different jurisdiction.

After the insurance and work experience requirements have been met, applicants can sit for the master HVAC exam. The exam consists of 100 total questions and lasts for four hours. The minimum passing score is 70%. Fortunately, the exam is taken in an open-book format.

Ready to take control of your future and become a licensed master HVAC contractor in Kentucky? If so, then you will need the right study and exam prep materials. That’s where we come in!

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