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author RocketCert Staff
date 10.31.2023

It takes many years of hard work and training to become a licensed electrician. However, it’s an incredibly worthwhile pursuit, as it is a stable profession that pays well, is always in high demand, and offers opportunities to work for yourself. 

As a licensed electrician, you may engage in activities such as the installation, maintenance, alteration, or inspection of equipment and systems that generate, transform, transmit, or use electrical energy. This could include wires, cables, conduits, appliances, fixtures, and much more. These systems may be used to provide light, heat, power, and other functions. 

Once you obtain a license from the Suffolk County Department of Labor, Licensing & Consumer Affairs, you might think you’re all set. But you’re also required to renew your license periodically. Every two years (on the last day of the month your license was issued), your license will expire if you don’t renew it. What do you need to do to renew your electrical license? 

Continuing Education


Thankfully, there are no testing requirements for license renewal. That said, you are required to submit proof of completed continuing education (CE) hours. Electrical inspectors and master electricians must complete eight hours of continuing education, while restricted electricians must complete four hours. 

You also have to pay renewal fees. For restricted licenses, the fees are $100/year or $200 for the two-year renewal period. For master and inspector licenses, renewal fees are $200/year or $400 every two years. 

Topics for Continuing Education


Electrical inspectors and master technicians will have to seek areas of instruction that are based on the current cycle of the National Electric Code (NFPA-70), totaling eight hours. Continuing education hours are only required for the following restricted electrical licenses: 

  • HVAC (RE1) 
  • Oil and Gas Burning Installer (RE3) 
  • Signs and Lighting Systems (RE4) 
  • Communications Cable Installer (RE5) 

Those with restricted electrical licenses must also seek areas of instruction based on the current cycle of the National Electric Code. But you only need to complete four hours of instruction. 

Where to Find Suitable Continuing Education Programs


First and foremost, Suffolk County codes require that you take your continuing education hours with an approved provider. The last thing you want is to complete your hours only to discover the program is not approved. 

From there, you’ll want to find a self-paced program that offers 24/7 online access for your convenience, as well as courses created by industry experts and educators. Superior customer support that’s available seven days a week is ideal. And lifetime access to training materials means you can always reference content as needed to refresh your memory. 

Although it’s best to complete required CE hours well in advance of your renewal date, it doesn’t hurt to choose a program that offers an instant certificate of completion, as well as daily state notifications on business days. So is it time to renew your Electrical License in Suffolk County, NY? If so, contact RocketCert today to find the approved program you need.