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author RocketCert Staff
date 09.15.2023

If you want to contract as a professional mason working with brick, block, stone, and concrete, you’ll need to obtain a residential or commercial masonry license from the Arkansas Contractor Licensing Board (ACLB). The license you choose will determine the scope of work you may complete. 

What are the requirements to obtain these licenses, and which one is right for you?

Residential vs. Commercial Masonry License

As a residential mason, you are permitted to perform a range of tasks associated with residential projects, including the following:

  • Lay brick and other baked clay products
  • Lay rough or cast stone, marble, granite, or any decorative plaster
  • Install cut and dressed stone, artificial stone, and brick veneer
  • Install concrete block
  • Install structural glass
  • Install brick or block (laid with or without mortar or adhesives), manufactured precast concrete facing and backup panels, and brick or block panel
  • Install fire clay products and refractories
  • Install concrete fencing
  • Install grout, rubble work, and caulking
  • Tuckpoint, sandblast, mortar, wash, and clean masonry construction
  • Place and finish cement concrete
  • Drill, saw, and core concrete
  • Do epoxy injection in concrete

A commercial mason may also perform these tasks but is not limited to residential projects. With a commercial masonry license, you may contract for both residential and commercial projects exceeding $50,000.

To obtain a residential or commercial masonry license, you will first have to provide verifiable proof of a minimum of one year of masonry experience, along with three references. In addition, you must submit a financial statement showing positive net worth and proof of workers’ compensation, along with a contractor’s bond in the amount of $10,000. 

Finally, there are state exams you must pass before your application can be approved.

Required State Exams

Before you can obtain your license, you must pass both the Masonry Contractor Exam and the Business Law Exam. You can take either the residential or commercial Masonry Contractor Exam, depending on the license you prefer. Either way, you’ll have to complete an open-book test that includes 30 questions covering the following topics:

  • Plan reading and estimating
  • Unit masonry
  • Mortar and grout
  • Accessories
  • Stone
  • Tools
  • OSHA safety
  • Restoration and cleaning

You will have 75 minutes to complete this test, and a passing grade requires that you answer 70% of the questions correctly. 

The Business Law Exam is also an open-book test, consisting of 50 questions that cover topics like:

  • Business management
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Environmental laws and regulations
  • Estimating and bidding
  • Financial management
  • Insurance and bonding
  • Labor laws and employment regulations
  • Project management
  • OSHA recordkeeping and reporting
  • Tax laws
  • Arkansas lien laws
  • Arkansas contractor rules and regulations

This test is 120 minutes in duration, and you must answer a minimum of 70% of the questions correctly to pass.

Preparing for Success on State Exams

A state-approved exam prep program gives you the best chance for success. You’ll want to look for an online course designed for working professionals by industry experts. A course that also offers 24/7 access to self-paced learning is ideal.

If you’re ready to obtain your residential or commercial masonry license in Arkansas, RocketCert has the proven exam prep program you’re looking for. Contact us today to get started.