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Permanent Makeup: Tips and Techniques, part of Milady’s Aesthetician Series, focuses on the newest techniques and the latest trends in permanent makeup, one of the hottest procedures in the aesthetics industry today. This growing industry is also one of the most technique-sensitive with high demand for informed permanent makeup artists in plastic surgeon’s offices, cosmetic dermatologist’s offices, and spas. Permanent Makeup: Tips and Techniques is designed to provide readers with comprehensive information regarding FDA and state laws, and current studies. Readers are also introduced to anatomy and physiology relating to permanent makeup and exercises are included to help reinforce the information. A section on tools and how they relate to the procedures is included, as well as information on inks and their different pigments, organic and inorganic pigments, and the various results achieved. With photos to help illustrate the techniques, this book is an absolute necessity for the permanent makeup professional.
  • Chapters build from each other allowing for a practical building of knowledge and a solid understanding of the material.
  • Before and after pictures are included giving good visual examples for a clearer understanding of the material.
  • The art and science of permanent makeup includes technique as well as the artistic side of makeup.
  • Laws and state rules are covered to keep the reader fully informed and up-to-date.
  • Information is easy to read and comprehend.