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Not Licensed to Fail: A Growth Journal for Beauty Professionals is a goal setting journal tailored to students. This journal will help them to break down the daily steps needed to take toward their goals over a 4-week journey. With mentoring prompts, selfcare activities, and inspirational quotes to keep them motivated, Not Licensed To Fail will support your students every step of the way. Success is personal; Not Licensed to Fail will help them to define and achieve their own success path.
  • Goal Setting Prompts: Achieve goals over a 28-day period of time.
  • Daily Self-care Activities: Spend 10–15 minutes on suggested self-care activities.
  • Reflection: Reflect on daily accomplishments.
  • Mentoring Prompts: Get prompts to check in with a mentor and seek advice.
  • Motivational Quotes: Get daily inspirational quotes to stay motivated through their journey.