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The rapidly expanding field of esthetics has taken a dramatic leap forward in the past decade, and these up-to-date texts play a critical role in creating a strong foundation for the esthetics student. Packaged together for a complete curriculum, Milady Standard Foundations focuses on introductory topics including science basics, infection control and the importance of soft/business skills while Milady Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals, 12th edition focuses on the esthetics-specific content essential to becoming a licensed professional.



Esthetics: Fundamentals Topics

  1. Career Opportunities and History of Esthetics
  2. Anatomy & Physiology
  3. Physiology and Histology of the Skin
  4. Disorders and Diseases of the Skin
  5. Skin Analysis
  6. Skin Care Products: Chemistry, Ingredients, and Selection
  7. The Treatment Room
  8. Facial Treatments
  9. Facial Massage
  10. Facial Devices and Technology
  11. Hair Removal
  12. Makeup Essentials
  13. Advanced Topics and Treatments

Foundations Topics

  1. Life Skills
  2. Professional Image
  3. Communicating for Success
  4. The Healthy Professional
  5. Infection Control
  6. Chemistry and Chemical Safety
  7. Electricity and Electrical Safety
  8. Career Planning
  9. On the Job
  10. The Beauty Business